Oil geyser

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Oil geyser

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:05 pm

I was in my garage working on my truck tonight - taking a wheel off and doing some work on it. I have an air compressor in my garage, off in the corner next to my Goldwing, and air lines that run up to the ceiling of the garage to a reel so I can pull an air hose down when I need it. I was using the air to run my impact wrench, so the compressor was running fairly constantly.

I started smelling what definitely smelled like oil. I looked up, and noticed a blue haze in the air. I ran over to the corner where the compressor lives, and saw it spewing an oil mist out of where the oil cap should have been. I quickly shut it off, and said a few very choice words. EVERYTHING is covered in oil. My motorcycle, my spare engine, the compressor, the wall, the floor, everything.

I filled the oil back up on the compressor and secured the cap. I wiped up the largest part of the mess, and hosed down the brakes on the motorcycle with brake cleaner to get the oil off the discs.

As for the rest of it - I guess the bike is in for a good soapy cleaning this spring. The windshield is absolutely covered in oil, as is the fairing and the front half of the bike. I'm just leaving the spare engine covered in oil - it will probably help with corrosion prevention. :) The wall - well, it's permanently stained with oil, it's just drywall and primer, and the oil has soaked right into it. Maybe a poster will help cover the mess up.

I think I'm going to safety wire that cap in place.

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Re: Oil geyser

Post by bikersmurff » Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:26 am

sorry to here about your oil spill i hope damage is minor.i once left off my oil filler cap of my xs1100 yamaha .10 ks down the road i wondered why my foot felt wet ,my leg was covered in oil my wifes also and all the bike down one side .As i was miles away from home i squashed my sunglass case in the hole and made it home 300ks later suppriseingly i only lost 500mls,3 years later i was talking to a few bikeriders i met on the road and we got talking about funny things we saw, they said they saw a bikerider fill up his bike with oil (being me) at the garage and take off with out the oil filler cap.i told them it was me they saw and we had a good laugh.and we were some 5000 ks away from were it happend origonaly so no matter were in the country you go you can not escape your folly.

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Re: Oil geyser

Post by colemadad » Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:55 am

Well, I guess that the kind of thing that you can either laugh or cry about - after the inevitable few choice words, of course. On the bright side, everyting now has a nice coating of oil which should minimize the likelihood of anything rusting... Good luck with the clean-up, hopefully the day only got better after that.

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