Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

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Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by fastf »

I bought this Old Goldwing 1200 on a whem 2 years ago any how my friend had told me that he had a 1200 before he got his 1800.This guy started with a CB-750 and when the 1000 Goldwing came out he had to have it and when the 1100 came out he bought it he even told me about the 1200 Goldwing with a side car. This guy knew how to take care of a Goldwing there wasn't a bike show he didn't come out winning a trophy.He also told me how good the engines held up.He had a man at one time that lived with him and his girlfirend that had cancer this man was in his late 60s or early 70s he owned a 1500 the old man never covered the bike up never polished the bike but he did keep maintance up on the bike my friend also told me about the miles this old man had on the bike my mouth dropped to the floor 300,000 miles and still running strong he told me that it would be cold or raining like cats and dogs the old bike would take him where he need to go and how far.This interested me my friends story and some of the things he done too my friend would ride his Goldwing to raise money for the Shriners hospital this guy would take sick children to the Shriners hospital and use his own money to help them.The short time I got to know him he helped me with what to look for on my bike and how to fix it.This friend had alot of knowledge about Goldwings we would sit and talk about the new wing such.Well on December 3. 2011 I lost a good friend of a heart attack it has been almost a year it seems like yesterday that i was jokeing with him.I miss thei guy at times and his stories rght now he is riding with Jesus in heaven.If you have a person like this please write about it and let people know thanks for reading my story and may God Bless you and your family.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by WingAdmin »

I had a GSX-R750 with a solo seat that my wife (then girlfriend) HATED. It was loud, stupid fast, and she was convinced I was going to kill myself on it (with good reason).

One day we were driving down a back road, and saw this 1982 GL1100 Aspencade for sale on the side of the road. We stopped and had a look at it. I realized it was in pristine shape, and being that I just happened to have my riding gear in the trunk of my car, I took it for a spin while my wife talked to the owner.

By the time I got back, my wife had decided that we were selling my GSX-R, and buying the Goldwing. We told him we'd buy it then and there, but he was really reluctant to sell it, as his wife was forcing him to sell it, to reduce the number of bikes in his stable. He kept insisting we think about it overnight and come back tomorrow. I went back the next day with cash in my pocket, and rode it home. :)
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by tfdeputydawg »

I was insulted by my Harley dealer when I wanted to trade my 01 Ultra on an 06 Peace Officer Special Edition Ultra. The insult was the trade offer!
Happened to take my grandson to a Honda dealer for dirt bike parts.
Took a test ride on a demo 1800.
Took wife back next day for a ride.
Dealer offered me $2,500 more for my Ultra than the Harley stealer and took $4,000 off the MSRP on the Wing.
Rode the Wing home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by seeberluca »

When I was old enough to be allowed to ride a motorcycle I decided to buy one. My budget was not so high so I got a Honda XL500R. My final target was since the beginning th goldwing , but it was too expensive for me. So after several used bikes at last I bought a Kawasaki ZZR 1100: every ride was a fight between my guardian angel and me, and the speed was day by day closer and over 225 kmh :shock: . This was not good and to avoid to stop riding motorbikes, I decided , in agreement with my bank :D, to buy an used 1984 1200 GL aspencade. After a couple of years I had to sell it and I did not had any serious motorbike since this year when I had the opportunity to come back into the bike world. Of course the new bike had to be a goldwing and so it was: now I have a 1999 GL 1500SE 8-)
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Viking »

Nothing extremely interesting about my move to a Goldwing. Rode Harleys for 47 years, but not so much the last five due to tendonitis in my back. The vibration was aggravating the tendonitis so bad that I was down to one hour rides, not knowing if I would get home after wards, so riding in circles all the time. Now this (me) is a guy that left home one time for a ride and got back thirteen months later (the year I retired from the Army). Like - riding is my life. So, a friend of mine, a burn victim with real tight scars on the back of his neck and in that area, also riding a Harley, tried a Goldwing at a demo ride, and bought one the very next day. I happened to drop by his place and he showed me this Black and Chrome beauty (someone else had already made it pretty) and told me why he bought it. He offered it to me for the entire day, so I test rode it for the day, and the next day, I started finding my Goldwing. I bought brand new old stock, a 2009 in the fall of 2010 and got what I thought was a pretty good deal - $9,000 off MSRP. My friend sold his Harley, but I still have mine. I rode only one of them only once this past year. I still love Harleys, but I love riding more. The Goldwing GL1800, in my experience, is the finest touring motorcycle available in the world today, bar none. I am not disappointed with mine. I can hardly wait to get a chance to test ride an F6B. From my views of that bike, the only thing it needs is highway pegs. In gorgeous, luscious black. Now that is a pretty bike. I have to add a note here though. Although I never owned anything other than a Harley before the GL1800, I was not one of those who had to continually harass those who rode other brands. In the wind was my main belief, and still is.

And I am riding a LOT more now, :lol:
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by wjnfirearms »

I've owned several different makes and models of bikes since I learned to ride back in the '70s. My first was a CB360, went to a Yamaha XS400 and to an XS850 factory dresser, a CB550, to a Honda Shadow. I had to take a long hiatus from riding when I injured my back at work and sold the Shadow. Thank God for my cousin, the chiropractor. More recently, I picked up and restored an '80 Kawasaki LTD750. I did ride a Harley on the job, started on an FXRP until they were sold and graduated to a Road King before I retired. I developed an appreciation for Harleys there and did want one for myself, but knew that it would be some time before I could afford one. I did miss having a dresser since the 850 and always liked the larger bikes for a number of reasons. I have liked the GLs and have an old friend now living in LA that has owned them for a long time after his Yamaha XS1100 dresser and he has sung their praises.

So, when a Craigslist ad not far from me had a '77 allegedly in great shape asking $1000 came up, my son and I went to look at it. The bike was in amazing survivor shape. It did have carb issues and needed some other work, all of which is being addressed currently. I was very hesitant to pay what he was asking, though. It's not that I am cheap, but I'm on a budget and something told me that I didn't want to pay what he was asking for it especially since I already had a running bike. Also, turned out that the seller withheld some info on what was wrong with the bike during our initial phone conversation and that bugged me on principle. He knew what was right and wrong with the bike. He finally admitted that he had a newer Shadow and wanted to buy a trailer for it that someone was selling used. His wife gave him an ultimatum: want the trailer, sell the Gold Wing or no trailer and he wasn't putting out pocket money for it. The seller wanted $800 for the trailer, but I offered him $700. While we were looking over the GL still, the trailer seller called and told him that if he wanted it, he had to commit right now as he needed to unload it and would take $700 right now. The GL guy came over to us and asked if my $700 offer still stood and why. I told him yes and the rest is history and I couldn't have been happier. Fate intervened.

Now, I'm excited to be among the GL community finally, even though it's an older model. I like classic vehicles and this will be great for our riding adventures.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by mtn_boy1 »

As far as street bikes go, I started with a KH400. Great starter bike. Then a Honda 450. About the time I went Active Duty in 1983, I had a 750 Four. Rode it from WV to Fort Carson, CO. Took 3 days and wore my a$$ out. When I got orders for Germany, I sold the 750 and promised myself the next bike I had would be a GW. I didn't realize that would be after I retired from the military and almost 20 years, 2 marriages, and 4 kids later. Thought it was ironic that my first GW would be an 83. Kept that one till last year. Traded it to my little brother for a 4 wheel drive 4 wheeler. Figured my riding days were about done. Bug bit me again when a friend and I went on a ride in September. (I borrowed one of his bikes) Got a great price on a 95 1500SE. I think this will be my last bike. As good as the 1100 was, it can't come close to the ride on this one. As a matter of fact, it's supposed to be in the mid 50's today. I'm getting off of here and go twist it a little.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by thrasherg »

My wife and I have always owned crotch rockets, rz350,rg500,r6,r1,cbr900's, etc and we rode them quickly! I have the tickets to prove it :D anyway, my daughters started riding with us (one on the back of each parent) when they were 7 and 9 years old ( they where born 2 years apart) and all was well for 2 years, then they formed a union and both announced they where going on strike (would not ride on our bikes) until we got something more comfortable and safer ( they where worried they might fall of the back if we suddenly accelerated to quickly). We visited a few bike shops and they both liked the gold wing, unfortunately my wife is 5'1" tall and can't touch the floor, she also weighs 130lbs and couldn't get the wing of its side stand. So I bought a wing and the wife ended up with a vt750 aero (shaft drive) with back rest. The kids enjoy both bikes, but there is a definite preference for the wing, usually one of them rides out on the wing with me, and the other then rides back on the wing.. They love the gadgets and particularly like that they are sitting in a big arm chair on wheels.. We have owned the wing about 4 years (it's a 2004 model) and I often think I would like to get a 2006 or newer, but I suspect I will stick with this for many more years to come, it's fully paid for and nothing has ever gone wrong on it, it has only covered 28000 miles, I have 4 other bikes, so none of them do a lot of miles each year, but they all get used every year!! :lol:

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by littlebeaver »

What made me want to purchase a Goldwing? The simple fact that if maintained proper and such I could get 300.000 miles out of it..And It only cost me $700.00...Gosh darn good bike that I could work on, and with some help from my friends here, I have learned a lot more than I ever knew before...A special shout out to all of them here, and thanks..That's why....The Goldwing crowd doesn't look like they will beat you're ass and take you're money.. :shock: :shock: Or you're bike.. :shock: They look like they are more willing to help you out..Pretty simple reason.. :D
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by fastf »

Thanks Everyone for telling your story and it shows other people that you have had great moments on your Goldwing either by yourself or with your family.I have had several private and with my wife and daughter that you cannot put a price on. I enjoy to ride and when I get on my old bike it's like being with a old friend turn the radio on to old rock or country and enjoy what God has created if it the changing of the leaves or seeing the peach blossoms in the spring on the trees.Get on a long stretch of road or a twisty montain road I enjoy the ride the old bike gives meTake Care and May God Bless.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by wayne ian »

I bought my wing because I got a real good deal on it. I was looking for a fixed fairing touring bike and was set on the Victory Vision. I went to a bike shop to buy my wife a new face shield and noticed the GL1800 with no plates. So I asked the salesman, he knew nothing. He asked the owner and he said he just got it and slipped a wrong and low price. When he realized what he said he gave me five minutes to decide, so I took it. I basically got it wholesale. Do I like it? Yes. Do I still want a Vision? No.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by tandem54 »

I had a GR650 Suzuki Tempter & I (& the wife) were looking for something with a better passenger seat, she called me at work one day & asked if we could go look at a Goldwing at the dealer, I said sure why not, well when we got there I found out she had already told the guy we would take it!! Picked it up that weekend & we have enjoyed it ever since!!!!
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by riffraff »

After a hiatus from riding due to various medical issues, I started riding again with an 82 BMW R65. Liked it but it just wasn't enough bike to ride all day. To upgrade to a larger beemer was out of my price range. I found my 83 in the want adds for the right price and the rest as they say is history! :mrgreen:
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by detdrbuzzard »

my sister told me to buy something i really wanted to ride! i sold my katana 1100 back in '96 and because of the hours i was working didn't have time to replace it. in '98 i ended up with a pinched nerve and herniated disc in my neck, i could hardly drive so bikes were out.with the price of gas at $4.oo a gallon in '07 i told my mom i was going to get a small bike to ride to work so i bought my cb450sc. it was an hour fourty minute ride home from where i picked up the bike. 20 minutes into the ride home my neck started tightening up, not good. the lady who took me to get the bike couldn't ride and there were no mirrirs on the bike, i guess its important to check for those things. well my neck started to loosen up and the ride home was enjoyable. that night i dreamed about my sister, she passed away back in 'early '74. she told me to go buy somethig that i wanted to ride so about three weeks later i got the 1200 wing
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by yamaha96 »

I talked to a friend at a camp ground in Waynesburg,Va. ,who told me his son was trying to sell his 1200 GW, and buy another friend's 89 1500 GW , which is loaded to the hilt. This was about 2 years ago, i already had a 96 Yamaha Royalstar, with only 35,000 miles, so i really didn't need another bike, but i have heard so many good things about Wings, i just wanted to try one, well the way things worked out , the man couldn't sell the 1200, so i called and talked to the guy who was getting rid of his 1500 GW, it had 96,000 miles on it , but was garage kept, and belts had been changed, and all kinds of service done and recorded, the man was selling this bike, because he was having mini strokes, well to make a long story short, i tried the bike out , and loved the ride, offered to buy it, but he said he hated to let it go, his wife was just wanting him to quit riding, so no bike that day, but he agreed if he did sell it , i would be first refusal , anyway, after about 2 months he called and said he was going to sell it to me , if i still wanted it, my wife and myself made the 1.5 hour trip to Staunton, Va., we bought the bike, i just love it. We have become really good Christian friends of the couple who had the bike, i have owned it over 1.5 years, i now have 101,000 miles on the bike, i still ride my Royalstar but just this weekend put a 100 miles on the GW, this bike likes cold weather, hope to put the next 100,000 miles on my wing, that is my story, these are great bikes, have a friend who lives nearby that has a 99 GW that has been to the West Coast 3 times, all for now, your Va. friend Mike.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by glassbebo »

After several other rides gradually getting bigger as I progressed. The first street bike was an SL350 Honda in the 70s to Z1 Classic in the 80s to a KZ1000 and a Harley low rider in the 90s. After about 7 years of no bikes, the wife and I saw a Goldwing while on a trip to the Smokey mountains and I knew I was hooked after talking to the couple that was riding it. We finally found the one we wanted at a good price and have not looked back. But the main reason to buy a Goldwing is Honda dependability.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by bjatwood »

My first rode bike was a Honda 900 Custom, 79 or 80 can't remember. After a couple close calls and the daughter being only 2 or 3 years old. I deceided to sell it. Flash forward to 2011 our 25th wedding anniversary. The wife asked what I wanted for a present. I told her a CB750 - 4. that was the last i heard from her about my "present"...coupel months later a guy pulling a trailer pulls up to the house and rings the doorbell. I answer it, he asks me if I might be interested in the CB750 he has on his trailer. I turn around and the wife is smiling! :lol: Well i look at it and he says take it for a ride. I do and it sits in my garage now. Well, the wife and I had so much fun riding on that 750 she says to me last spring "why don't we get a bigger bike like a Goldwing" Then we could ride longer and farther on it! Boom done! :mrgreen:
She's a keeper my wife! And, the bikes too. That is why we bought a Wing

The 1973 CB750 that my wife "found" for my 25th
The 1973 CB750 that my wife "found" for my 25th


Da Wing the day it was delivered to us! She's the babe on the right holding our pup...
Da Wing the day it was delivered to us! She's the babe on the right holding our pup...

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by moose4jesus »

At age 40 I decided I wanted to own my first ride. Two good friends of mine already owned bikes and I was ready to join the club. I began to research. I narrowed it down quickly to a vintage Goldwing first due to a lower price and also I admired the styling plus the fact many parts were still available. I saw a blue '78 GL1000 on craigslist, called on it and found out it was a mechanic selling off the bikes of a family friend who recently passed and the GL1000 was the last of the 4. When I first saw it I knew it was 'The One'. $1300 later it was mine! The sellers even trailered it 30 miles home for me for $25.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by eklimek »

I wanted to ride again and was tempted to back to British twin but on a lark a goldwing caught my eye. I guess age came but good sense didn't. The price was right and 39,000 kilometers means little on this. Now I have a wheelhouse of Mr Honda's handywork and a network of like minded adventurers. It makes driving to work just more fun.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by wideload1 »

My wife was injured (not on a moto) and lost interest in riding her 78 yamaha bobber. I thought maybe we could ride together on a Goldwing. I looked around for a few months and decided on a nicely maintained '95SE. I paid more for it than my last used car. I like the bike but will let my wife make the keep or sell decision next spring!
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Al Waters »

My first bike was a Honda 55 step through. I have been riding since I was 8 years old. I got up to a Honda 1100 outfitted with all Vetter stuff. I put 210,000 miles on it and gave it away for parts. It was a good bike. I figured that since I lived that long it was time to put a roof over my head.

Seven years a go, a friend of mine went through a divorce, mid life crisis and had to have a Harley. Another friend of mine and I bought him a gift certificate for a day ride. Problem was, he couldnt go alone so we went with him. The bug to ride again kicked in. Rented Harleys for about four years worth of week long trips and then rented a Gold Wing for two trips in a row. Need I say more. I would rather be seen than heard. On a Gold Wing, you take a break while the Harley rider fills his tank. Nothing against Harley's. If I was a SoCal rider only, I would have a Harley. But I like to get out of SoCal and a Gold Wing is the way to go. And you really do meet the nicest people on a Honda.

So last year, I bought me a used 2009 Gold Wing. Last month, one rider in our three man group bought him a 2012 Gold Wing. The mid life crisis buddy is looking for his Harley. That will come real soon.

Of the three of us, I ride 24-7 except in the rain. Its been over 100 in the summer and this past week in the high 40's going to work. But I love riding.

My wife who is somewhat disabled, can now ride with me. We go to biker friendly bars for lunch, the mountains, and the beach one day every week for a day ride. It gets her out of the house. The Gold Wing has made for a pretty good marriage counselor. People ask me if we talk to each other while riding. Heck no, We get along better that way. I enjoy the ride and the view and she is all hooked up with her Kindle. Life is good.

This household will be Wingin it forever. This probably is not your average Gold Wing rider story. Just one that works well for us.

Thanks, Al Waters
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Arcane »

Mine was a gift from my dad (Thanks Dad, I love the bike ). I had never owned a bike before, my first time on a motorcycle was a 1100 Goldwing. It took a few minutes to get used to it, and I had my liscence within a couple weeks.

I am now a big fan of Goldwings after many hours and dollars of work on the bike and research on other bikes.

To be honest though, I have my eye on a 1500 suzuki. Or something like this. ... vl1500.gif
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by bustedwing »

The first bike I ever hoisted a leg over was a Honda 50 and since then Honda has held a soft spot in my heart. I have ridden just about everything under the sun and owned about half of them. But the turning point was the wife and I on a 650 Yamaha and neither of us is very comfortable. At one tkme we tried a 750 Kow but that just was not a touring bike either. Went to the 1200 Gold Wing one because of the Honda name and two always loved the look of the Wing.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by twostrokes48 »

I was stationed in the Philippines in 1974. My riding buddy was there also. We had both been stationed in SDiego prior to this tour and rode together there. While in the Philippines, I had shipped my Yamaha RD350 over there and sold it for a yamaha 650, then the exchange started carrying the Honda CB750's. My buddy and I both bought a new 74. We were both looking at all the new product info available on the "Greatest bike ever built called the Goldwing by Honda...Well I got my orders back to the States in mid 75. I arrived in San Diego and went in search for the Goldwing. All the dealers told me it would be a few months before they had any in to sell. One dealership had one there that was part of a Radio contest along with the dealer to give it away. The bike was custom painted and beautiful it had the radio stations call sign (KCBQ) in gold leafing down the length of the tank. I later removed it. The contest was a sham, some bigshot car dealer from AZ showed up in a limo and had the winning ticket. After all the HoopLa was over, I walked over to the dealership owner and the "Winner" who were talking over by the office. I told them I didn't care about the contest, I just wanted the bike...He ask if I was serious, I said hell yes and I gotta be in Tenn. in about 10 days and plan on riding it there. He walked into the office and came back a couple minutes later and said how does $2250 sound. I bought the bike. I kept that one until 1987 and would still have it except a xwife helped someone steal it while I was out of the country. We were not yet divorced at that point, just seperated. I didn't get back on a wing until about 2008 when I bought an 84 Aspy. I just recently sold that one as I now have a 98Aspy...I had a few bikes in between the 75 and the 84 but was never happy with any of them. That was when I decided to bite the bullet and spend the money for another wing. The way things are going medically, if I continue to ride, may have to trike it. But she just got an oil change and a wash job yesterday, so it is ready to go. Still waiting on the Doc. Hope to hear something soon.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Andy Cote »

Can’t tell you about my first without telling about the second and third as well.

I had been several years without a motorcycle. I am a retired gun dealer and I go to one of my former customers for my car repairs. I was at his garage for the annual inspection on the car and he asked what I had for neat guns and I told him.

Two days later, a guy called me and said that he had been talking with the same mechanic and found out I had something he had always wanted. He asked if I was interested in a trade so I went and looked at his white (repaint) GL1200 standard with Vetter fairing. He had bought a Suzuki Marauder and his wife said he had to get rid of the Goldwing to pay for registering the Suzuki. He needed $200 to make the deal happen so I gave the pistol and $200 cash and left with a decent 84 with 49,000 miles. It was Good Friday and about 40 degrees but sunny. The ride home was quite bearable.

Well I really took a shining to it over that riding season. Read a lot and began to really learn what a great machine the Goldwings are. The next summer, I saw a GL1500 for sale alongside the road. I was riding my GL1200 and stopped to take a look. In talking with the guy, I told him the above story and turns out he has a firearms interest as well. Next thing you know, I swapped him a rifle package even up and left with a very mint Phantom Gray 88, loaded with 49,000 miles.

Later that fall, I had a pickup up for sale and one afternoon the phone rang and the guy on the other end asked if I’d be interested in trading for a Goldwing. I thought someone from work was pulling my leg. Turns out he had a very nice 87 Interstate, Amethyst Gray with 39,000 miles. Well he traded me the bike and some other stuff and $200 cash for my truck. So I was back even with out of pocket cash!

Ended up getting rid of both GL1200s. I still see the Standard and have first option to get it if he decides to sell. The GL1500 had less than 50,000 in the first twenty years of life and I’ve put on over 27,000 in the last five years. I can’t imagine being without it.

2015 Goldwing, basic black

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