Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by PhxLonewolf » Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:15 am

I have been a fan since they first came out. I started riding back in 1975 when I bought a 1973 Kawasaki S-2; 350 Triple, decked out with a fairing & Saddle Bags. This was back in my college days, and my girl-friend's brother ; who happened to in college with me and whose name just also happened to be Clyde, had a Honda 450-4 with Bags & a fairing as well. We used to ride together quite a bit back in the day & I used mine for a year, commuting 130 miles to school, 3 times a week. So I have always had street/touring bikes, even if I had to create it myself. (Remember those days back when you could custom build your touring bike, because there were plenty of accessories that you could choose from.) Anyway, after 4 years I had to leave it behind, as I was on the rode and had no time to ride anymore. Fast forward a a few years, a move to Phoenix and a nice Christmas commission check, I decided to get a 1982 Honda CX500. Couldn't afford the Goldwing yet so I dressed out the 500 with a Goldwing GL1200 fairing, and a set of Vetter Saddle Bags & Trunk. Yes it was terribly overloaded but I had a good time on it and racked up nearly 75k miles in the 8 years before it was stolen. Jumping ahead 15 years, to a new job, a new wife, new house and the stupid crazy gas prices of 2012... I bought the first bike that I ever, truly fell in love with at first sight. A 1989 Honda PC800 Pacific Coast. I had my choice between it and a newly rebuilt 1982 GL1200, but because it had been a few years and I was just getting back into riding I opted for the PC800, (but still lusted for the GL1200). In the last 4 years that I have had my PC800, I have been able to do my first true long distance touring, (for me that's anything over 350 miles a day.) I love this bike but the seals are starting to go. When I found that my repair shop said I would be better off finding a used engine to replace the now Honda Leaky 800, I started looking for another bike. It just so happens that the repair shop, during their slow times, buy used touring bikes to rebuild and sell. Knowing that I was looking for a new bike they called me up and let me know that they were just about to complete one of the nicest bikes they have ever refurbished and to see if I wanted to take a look at it. 3 days later I am the proud owner of the sweetest 1999, 50 year Honda anniversary Goldwing GL1500 SE that is loaded to the max with extras, and only 54K miles on it. I've had it for 5 months now and turned 60K last week. I'm looking forward to a couple of long trips next year for 3500 & 4000 miles respectively. With my Goldwing & the long distance tours, now I can check 2 more items off my Bucket List.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by landislawton » Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:12 pm

My love for Gold Wings started when I was a young child. I loved seeing the bikes with all their lights on !!!!!!!!!! I owned my first Gold Wing in 1995, it was a 1200. I rode it a lot and became very active in the GWRRA, worked my way up to rebuilding Chapter F in Jacksonville, NC. Many of my friends road the 1200s and "Ed" bought one 0f the first 1800s when they came out. At a poker run we were holding, Ed wasn't feeling to great and asked me to use his 1800 on the lead of the Poker Run, I was hooked. When I moved up to Michigan I purchased my own 1800 and loved it. I hurt my back and instead of letting it to just sit around, I sold it to a Honda shop. I now own a 2008 1800 and loving it.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by jandjgoldwing » Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:13 am

I think it also goes to "cool". Of course my 'wing is ultra comfortable with lots of power. But I often park amongst entire parking lots filled with chrome and black thunder, and I receive regular compliments about my scoot. It is very good looking and stands apart from the rest. And it's a 1988, which is older than a lot of the riders of the chrome and black thunder. I once had one of those, and spent entirely too much time polishing, not enough time riding.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by bobbybear » Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:13 pm

My first road bike was a Yamaha 100 2 cycle twin. I never did get it legal for the road. My next road bike was a CB450 Honda then my 78 CB750 Honda I put a fairing on it and wanted saddle bags and a trunk those never came around. I moved to NC and bought a 81 GL 1100 GoldWing Interstate from Virginia. I finally had my storage. I bought it cheap I thought for 1000.00. It runs great Im having a bit of a time getting used to the weight difference and handling though. People down here drive crazy compared to the back roads in Michigans thumb. lol
I just wanted to say I've wanted a GoldWing for a long time.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by GL_Steve » Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:26 pm

Well, I have had a few bikes but was without one at the current time... Searching Kijiji looking for bikes in my price range I found quite a few goldwings and others; noting the mileage on some of the goldwings I started looking for a lower mileage wing at a reasonable price...

I looked at a few bikes and decided to go with "the one", a 76 that was purchased by a pastor and was stored in his friends garage. The pastor and his friend were supposed to make a project for them to both work on but, as the story goes, the pastors wife came into the equation and convinced him to sell it. The ad said it was running, no noises so I went and had a look at it, well, it wasn't running because he said fuel leaked profusely from the bowl drain screws. Asking $1500 Canadian, I called him back a few days later and said, without it running, I would offer max of $600. He said we could get it running and maybe do compression test and he wouldn't take less than $1000. so I agreed, We came with some gas and a spray bottle and got it running... Since I am happy with the results I would need to load it onto my truck before I leave. He agreed and I now have a 76 Goldwing...

I haven't got too far into it yet, the P PO put new tires on it and they still have the chicken strips on the center rib so it may have been well taken care of at some point. the other factor that most will not see is the crease in the original seat foam, from something leaning on the seat while it was outside or the bike was leaning against something - to the right which would be weird, there is a crease in the seat foam, at the very front on the right side... suggesting it has been sitting for a while. With 42600 miles on the clock, I figure, with all the high mileage wings out there this will be a winner.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by 2wheelscram » Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:36 pm

I'm not a current Goldwing owner, but a long time admirer. I recall the late '70's, Jr. high school age, seeing Hondas outfitted with Vetter fairings and gear. A few years later, I remember dreaming about a full dress Interstate that the owner let me sit on. So far, I've just been a passenger a few times on a GW.

Just out of high school, I learned and tested on a friends Suzuki 650. Other factors kept me from owning my own til the 90's when I traded my 1980 Dodge Ram 100 for a 1978 Honda CB750K with a Vetter fairing. That kept me on the road for many years and then in 2000, I got a 1995 PC800, a ride that I'd been dreaming about since they came out. It's hard to believe, but for the last eight years that my PC has been barn sitting in a state of overhaul / restoration while my main distraction is my 26' sailboat.

I love the PC for it's simplicity and cargo capacity. Quick story - my second day with the PC, I rode to work and was tasked with transporting two 40 lb steel injection molds to a client 1 1/2 hours away. The boss offered my his BMW because I had a bike that day. No problem, I said while opening the trunk. Got paid to ride on a beautiful Spring day!

Funny, how back in '01 when the 1800 came out, I'd cut the pics out of the brochure and trim them down to what I thouight a cool bike would be, which is what Honda delivered in 2013 as the F6B! My interests bounce around as to what my next bike will be, probably a 1500 if I choose a GW.

I love reading all things GW on this forum!

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by clwydian » Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:34 am

I bought mine a few years after seeing by chance, a goldwing light parade in Blackpool UK - that persuaded me to get a bike licence (dangerous things , bikes) and then via Shadow, and Deauville I started to look at Wings, Trouble was, I was scared to ride one. Anyway I sold my deuville 650 and bought a 700 and when I went to the pub my mate just casually said, 'well thats the end of the goldwing search then'.

This shocked me into purchasing a wreck of a GL1500 on the basis that when I fell off, it wasnt worth anything anyway.

However I spent a fortune on it. The radiators tuned out to be crushed (ok, that doesnt happen easily) but I saved - 750 pounds by getting some second hand from the states. Finally after a cambelt change all sorts of faults began to appear and I almost had a fire. So no wing now :(

In four years I never did fall off.

Ive replaced it with a shiny 18/12 CTX1300 - which I fell off on day two and scratched the pannier and fog lights.

There is a lesson in there somewhere.

Maybe one day...
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Cindy » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:54 pm

I didn't have a choice. The two favorite men in my life, my Dad and my Husband required it!!
Growing up with three brothers, I was the one with a need for speed. My Dad felt a GW trike would slow me down and keep me upright and my Husband said if he was going to mechanic on it, it would be one he enjoys working on He has had Hondas all his life. That's my story.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Bobsstar » Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:23 am

Always had Bikes that worked for me. 77 Moto Guzzi 850T, 03 Yamaha Road Star and a 06 Yamaha Stratoliner, along with other short term bikes. It was time to treat my wife to a Goldwing ride. Thought it might feel like a refrigerator on wheels, boy was I surprised! My Honda salesmen said I would love the new Goldwing ride. Power, handling, comfort, smooth and all the bells and whistles. What a bike! I bought a new 2016 Red (my wife's favorite colour) with all the bells and whistles except the air bag. Going through Alberta, British Columbia, Montana, the Dakotas and back to Vancouver Island this summer. I've had my MC licence since 1974, this is the right bike for me at my young age of 59. (Just try and keep up)!

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by ArtForms Inc » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:17 pm

Old school, 83 Wing, no noise fatigue, no vibration fatigue, very low center of gravity, can easily ride this scooter on a 95 degree (or more) day without roasting your body, high speeds all day without a blink ..... pushing 50mpg at cruising speeds....will go anywhere.....well thast it .... " a keen sense of the obvious " ---why I ride this scooter--- Ken

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by stefteach » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:52 pm


although this thread has been amply filled by so many great experiences, I am putting my 2c in anyway... I bought my 2002 Goldwing 1800 GL last november, and while the previous owner only drove 30,000 in 14 years, I have driven about 4,000 in four months. I love it, and it's my first bike (if you don't count the 50cc Benelli I had when I was 15 )... a life-long dream.

I am to retire this year in December, and I am taking this puppy to Italy where I'll ride it through the Alps and everywhere else I can think of. I picked a Goldwing because I did my research... wanted a reliable bike that will last me for many years and miles, a powerful bike that can ride up to the 9,000ft altitudes without effort, plenty storage for my photographic gear, and a bike that simply turns heads everywhere I go. Because I am not an experienced rider, I opted to get a Trike... those airpin Alpine turns needing low speed require too much expertise, so a Trike is just ideal. Some purists dismiss the trikes... I understand that, but I was not going to start driving a 900lb bike on two wheels at 62 (my wife thinks I was wise).

I hang around with friends and take long rides here in Florida (and we rode all winter!), we stop at road bikers bars and I get condescending looks from HD tough guys, but nothing too threatening... some HD riders won't acknowledge me on the road, but that's ok, many do. I greet everyone, scooters included (which apparently are being ignored by many...). Anyway, I am with those souls who believe riding is riding, no matter what you ride on, wind in the face, peace in the heart, and joy in the soul.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by jvanpotter » Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:36 pm

A friend suggested we start taking motorcycle trips and, because of another friend's experience with his '02 GoldWing, I started looking for something that was affordable. Found a '90 SE that was being sold by the late owner's son. It had sat in his garage for ten years, and needed work. A shop (not a very good one) got it running; I spent a lot of time cleaning, polishing, and doing the maintenance they hadn't, like lubing the final drive and rebuilding the clutch slave cylinder. Another shop put new tires on the wheels after I stripped, polished, and clear-coated them. Put about 12K on it in two summers. Great highway cruiser, even better with a passenger.

My only prior riding experience had been with a '66 CB160 in college. A wonderful machine, with impeccable handling, just small enough (282 lbs wet) to be able to toss it around, just fast enough (at 10,000rpm). I remember drifting through corners at speed on the two-lane blacktops of Indiana on my trips between home (Battle Creek) and Purdue. Could do the 210-mile run in three hours (on roads where the speed limit was rarely over 55). Nearly bought it a few times due to other drivers' stunts and consider myself lucky to have survived. Never had to lay it down. I still miss that bike.

Moving up to a 900 lb Wing was definitely an education. Took the training class to get a MA motorcycle license and practiced a lot. Two years ago I bought my second Wing, an '07 airbag model. Lower center of gravity than the 1500, better road manners. It's been the perfect road bike. I just bought an '04 Rune, because it looks so good. For day trips in New England. My goal is to spend at least six weeks on the road this year.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by RodneyH » Sat Apr 01, 2017 10:50 pm

The first time I saw a goldwing I wanted one because it looked elegant and looked like it would definetly provide a comfortable ride, oh yeah, and it was quiet.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by B11rger » Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:22 am

I always wanted the Honda "flagship" for years. My entry level to Honda's was a ST1100 ,18 years ago. Since then I had an ST1100 ABS and 3 x ST1300's. I bought the last ST new in 2013. after carrying out its first 6 month service I noticed that the clutch fluid was a bit low. To cut a long story short 18 months down the line the dealer advised that after discussion with Honda the engine would have to come out to replace the slave cylinder. I was not too keen on having the engine removed, as by now my faith in the dealer was diminishing.At this point they had a 6 month old 2014 Goldwing Air bag model with only 1100 miles on the clock in the showroom. A bike I had always wanted thinking it had everything I would need, So I traded my ST for it. After a couple of months I noticed the lacquer was chipping from both wheels, there was condensation marks in the headlamps the rocker covers were showing signs of deterioration and the radio had poor reception. Went back to the dealer who after me standing my ground got the wheels, headlamps and rocker covers replaced. I was also told by the dealer that the previous owner had a new set of wheels fitted ( bike had only done 1100 miles) In the process while the bike was in the dealership having these issues sorted the dealer scratched a couple of the panels, and did not reconnect the wiring to the dash. I also had to go back to have the headlights aligned. The radio took 6 attempts by a mechanic to fix, to no avail. the replaced the antenna and eventually the radio. I gave up and now ride a BMW GS Adventure which i got at end of last year and have just started riding because of the better weather in Scotland. I am afraid to say it is a great bike and technically years ahead of the aging Gold wing, like a GPS with lifetime updates for one, and ££££,000 less expensive... So I owned my "dream bike" for 2 years, but due to poor quality, poor Dealer workmanship and poor Honda response I have turned to the dark side, but am now happy with my decision after 18 years a devoted Honda rider...

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by greule2 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:55 pm

Well, this is pretty simple, I have rode a couple of Honda's before, a CB650 Nighthawk, and a V45 Magna. Both were great bikes but my skill at fixing them wasn't up to it. No internet help ! But to the Goldwing, all the help I need is right here and the year is a classic, a 1981 GL1100, a gift from a friend for a very low cost. The bike is in excellent shape, a old cop bike from Coweta county, bigger jets. Only 56,000 miles. By the way my friend likes to ride Harley's.

My friend knows I love too ride and was pretty good at it and I wanted to ride again, he bought me this bike, God bless him. Greg Reule, Thomaston, Ga.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by PhxLonewolf » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:18 pm

I'm using the same answer that I used for the question of 'Average age of GoldWing owners.'
I'll be 62 in another week. I have only had my GoldWing for 9 months, but there have been two times before when I almost bought one. I've always marveled at their reliability and smooth ride. I first drove one when I was 25 but it was out of my budget and impractical since I was a touring musician, in between gigs and about to get married. The second chance came after a lay-off from riding of over 15 years. That happened 6 years ago when gas prices were ridiculous. I had a chance to P/U a GL1200 that my old repair shop had acquirered after the lady that owned it couldn't pay for the repairs. They needed to get what they had into the bike, which was $4500. Unfortunately, I had $4000 to work with. Since I hadn't ridden in 15 years and the largest bike I had ever owned was a Kawasaki 650, I decided to go with an 89 Honda Pacific Coast to get my bike senses reacquainted. (This was another bike I had lusted after, back in the day.) 5 years, 80 thousand miles, Engine seal that had finally gone bad, and a fantastic price on another bike from my repair shop, I took the plunge. I now own a 1999, Honda 50 year Anniversary GL1500 SE with only 54K miles on it. My repair shop during their slow times will purchase bikes to refurbish and sell. This they said was one of the nicest bikes they had ever gotten in for refurbishing and once it was ready, it would be there long as they were only asking $5000. I put money down on it that day before it hit the sales floor and 3 days later, I'm the proud owner of my first GoldWing. Most of the guys in my neighborhood that I ride with have Harley Electra Glide's. I know I've got a few of them rethinking their bikes now.
I'm looking forward to my first in 4 years; long distance trip on this beast. (To me long distance is anything over 1000 miles round trip and requires an overnight stay, preferably at a campground somewhere.) See you guys on the highways of the southwest.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by cyberlon » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:57 am

Did I just spend the last two hours reading each and every story in this thread? - Yes, I did... I enjoyed every moment of it, and laughed out loud more than once.
Be aware that this post is long, and encompasses a lifetime of fond memories leading up to what made me buy a Goldwing.

I have loved motorcycles since I got my 90cc Honda at age ten. I grew up on a very rural area, so I was allowed to ride that little red rocket anywhere I wanted, as long as I stayed off the paved road. (Yes, only one within 30 miles.) The plains of Northeast Colorado have lots of gravel roads, and pastures have trails that take little kids far, far, away from home. I was free to do as I wished when I was riding. As a courtesy to my parents, I'd yell out which compass direction I was heading and promise to be back by dinnertime. They only started worrying and/or searching for me after dark. They never found me bleeding in a ditch, but typically pushing my bike home with an empty tank. My peers were into horses, but I could never understand why I'd want to settle on one horse when my bike had several hidden away in the engine. They never understood my humor about pushing a horse home.

As I grew, it became apparent that I was going to be tall... and this bike was just too small for me to ride. I did, however, learn to ride a wheelie, jump embankments in the dry areas of our local creek, and make donuts in the dirt before I got big enough for my next bike. An old 350cc Honda with brush bars was a lot bigger, but an over five foot tall 12 year old wasn't too small to ride it. I learned how different this ride was on several occasions, but the bars saved a lot of pain when riding through soap weed (yucca). It also went a lot faster, and in hindsight, probably not the best thing for a 12 year old. I laid this bike down on several occasions, kinda wish I wore a helmet back then. My family used to camp in the mountains a couple of times a year, and bring bikes. At age 15 I ran my bike off the side of a logging road while on such a trip. Even injured, I still pushed that bike back up (it was only about 30ft down when it hit a tree, and I had already bailed and rolled into a different tree) and back to camp. Evidently impressed by my tenacity and luck, I was not forbidden to ride by my parents. The ruggedness of that bike surprises me to this day, as the only thing broken (not counting me) was the clutch handle. Once welded, I put several hundred back-country miles on it before getting my driving license. I tried dirt racing a 125cc on several occasions, but lack of competitive experience had me saying "I used to race bikes" while still a teenager.

I went to an out-of-state college at 17, and while I was in school, my parents sold the bikes I rode over the last 7 years, realizing that I wasn't going to need a bike that was incapable of being street legal. I got a Suzuki 450cc bike and a helmet. This time I was expecting it to ride differently due to my experience between the Hondas, this being a street bike. A six speed transmission, and a need for speed had me doing stupid stuff. Learned a lesson when I wrecked this one, helmets were and are a good thing. I settled down, had a wife that popped out a tiny human female. Grandpa would light up when I would bring his granddaughter to see him, and she lit up anytime he took her out "slow and easy" on his Harley. I realized that I needed a bike. I picked up an older Suzuki that someone had slapped a Windjammer on the front, saddlebags, throttle lock, and a tail trunk. Unlike my father, I'm more comfortable working on bikes than cars now. I needed that comfort, as this bike ran worse than some people accuse Harley of doing. It sat in the garage while my wife popped out another kid, which did it no favors. In the divorce, I got to keep the bike and my PC (seriously bad lawyer for me), so I turned to the internet for help it getting it to run better. There were many repairs that lacked any kind of competent information for a DIY guy that never went to mechanic school. (I'm a PC guy by trade) I had many frustrating moments with different systems failing at different times. Despite this, the bike lives to this day.

My Suzuki does not like to go the speed limit, it seems unhappy below 70mph, but I really like having a windscreen and storage on the bike for tools and supplies. I also like staying out of traffic court, though. Casually browsing the list of Craig, I immediately fell in love with this Wineberry color bike for sale only an hour away (and within my budget), so I started researching online for common issues to Goldwing motorcycles to prepare myself for whatever might be wrong and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were several DIY articles and videos available. The caveat, however, was that nearly every review suggested that Goldwings were some of the most reliable and comfortable bikes ever created. I no longer have the need to do stupid things, my oats are sown, I don't need to flick a bike through EVERY corner. Being over 40 now, maybe some wisdom has sneaked in, despite my solemn vow to only grow older, not grow up. When making my purchase decision, I also had to think of the rides I could go on with my father, before his failing health prevents us from making that road bond again. I had to make sure my bike was "smaller" than his current HD, and the '82 Goldwing 1100 Interstate fell in the same category, without exceeding his displacement. Once I finish the repairs and schedule a ride, I'll make sure his "1200cc cop bike" gives him the thrill of being able to accelerate faster than me, but keep up with him on any road he wishes to travel. I also had to consider my now 10 year old son that I visit regularly. Going 2-up is not that comfortable on my Suzuki for him, so I hope he finds the Goldwing more exciting so we can truly experience some of the beauty of Colorado together.

Needless to say, I kicked the tires and tasted the oil on this '82 GL1100, handed over some cash, and loaded the bike on a trailer very recently. Currently awaiting a carb kit, but have done almost everything else I can think of to a bike that has indeterminate mileage and has sat since the prior owner got a new 1800 with all the bells and whistles. I appreciated the fact that he stuck with Goldwing, not out of some blind brand loyalty, but because of first hand experience. I hope to have the same feelings once I finish the restoration, and will keep you all posted with shorter posts in the near future.

TL;DR My most recent purchase is fueled by anecdotal evidence of reliability and comfort presented via the internet.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Ace67_1 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:03 pm

I sold my 82 Suzuki GS750T in 1995 after getting married and moving to Germany. I rode it full time in England for 3 years and had a blast. Fast forward 20 years, having never gotten over getting rid of my bike I start talking to the wife about getting another bike. She gave me the nod and so I picked up an 80 Honda CB750F Super Sport from an estate. It has 5,000 miles, but a rusted tank and low compression. I rode it a few times, but had to stay close as I would often end up pushing it home. My wife likes riding but said she wouldn't get on the back of the 750 without a backrest.

I started searching for my next bike a BMW K1200LT, but the more I researched the more concerned I became. They seemed to be maintenance intensive and expensive. I tested a Victory CXT and really liked it and had planned on buying one when I got a call from a family friend. He had a garage kept 98 GL1500 SE with 32,000 miles on it that he needed to sell. He was having back issues and couldn't ride it anymore. I drove 3 hours to take it for a test drive and was pleasantly surprised. I decided that $6,000 for a lightly used Goldwing was a better stepping stone than the new Victory. The bike came with a ton of farkle, box of original parts, and a jack.

I put 4,000 miles on it last year and plan to double that this year. Its a real hardship for me, after dinner either my wife, son, or daughter wants me to take them for a bike ride :D . The only issue I have is the Markland floorboards, my city has 100 round-a-bouts and I scrap the drivers floorboard in every one of them. Time to start researching what parts, the only thing that wasn't in the box of original parts, are needed to get it back to stock.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by LeMaitre » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:50 pm

This winter a young guy, Richard at church asked me if I would be interested in buying his Goldwing. I replied that I was interested. I started riding Honda mini 50 at about eight years old. It was my aunts/grandparents bike. A few years later it came to stay at my house as Christmas present for my sister and myself. Road it for a number of years until I got physically too big. While in seminary a friend asked if I would be interested in buying his 1975 CB550F Super Sport. I said yes and road it in KY and after graduating in MI. My sister and brother inlaw had purchased a Goldwing in gold this was about 1990. It planted a seed that had to grow. Money being tight I ended parking the 550 for over twenty years. Most of the time it was under a tarp. Two years ago I pulled it out of the raspberries, pumped up the tires, squirted oil down the spark plug holes and waited a couple of days to try the kick start. The engine was not frozen. It took over a year to get it to be a reliable runner again. Richard new about my efforts so that is why he thought I might be good candidate for buying his GL1200A. The bike ran but it needed work, broken windscreen, speedometer gearing broken, and no battery. The odometer stopped working at 89k+ miles. For $500.00, I decided it was time to get a Goldwing. I figured that I will have to put in another five hundred before I start putting in serious miles. I bought a 30amp/hr battery and have timing belts on order. I am looking at getting the Slip Streamer windscreen. There is a replacement part available for the speedometer.


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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by cyberlon » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:11 pm

Looks to me like you got a great deal. I like that color more than my Wineberry colored bike. (Which, thanks to others on this forum, has cost less than $500 to get up and running.)

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by peltonjohn » Thu May 04, 2017 10:48 pm

I bought my first bike (1990 Suzuki Savage 650 with 1,000 miles) from a Navy buddy after basic training, learned how to ride it in the base parking lot in Florida, then took it on a 1,000 mile road trip to Missouri to test for and get my license. Eventually, I sold it to pay some bills. Around 2004 I picked up a Yamaha V-Star 600 and reacquainted myself with motorcycling. Eventually I sold that bike to pay bills. I've just recently acquired a 1984 GLA 1200. So far, I've spent a grand total of $3,350 on buying three motorcycles. I'm new with the Gold Wing, and it's a lot different from the 600 class. Dang, it's heavy. But I don't think I'll outgrow it. What made me buy it was knowing the owner (good friend with a stellar reputation) and knowing that the Gold Wing also had a really good reputation for long term reliability.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Bigfranksr » Mon May 08, 2017 3:05 am

Because I like to go fast!! Hahahaha. My lovely bride wanted me to have a Hardley, because she figured that was the coolest . Well, after several rides, none were comfortable ,( I am 6'6", 250), also? If a Hardley had 40k or better?, one pipe would be puffing oil at idle, ( valve guide seals), I figured out why everybody has the cam upgrade?, screamin Eagle 2 hipo hop-up, ( motor is apart every 40-50).

Not cool, besides, I work in **** every day at my service station. I was on a weekend trip, and met a guy with an 03 gl1800, with 186,000 miles, and he said that he had not even changed the plugs. It was a beauty So, I found a 2004 with 43k, bought it,

Rode 6500 flawless miles the first season, pikes peak, smokeys, two passes on the dragon , Biltmore house. And I respect other riders?, BUT, if a Hardley Abelson, comes flexing?, I can punish him with a 135 mph flyby, nuff said. It's a mile eating monster. Get a TPMS. First time out , 4 weeks ago?, flat rear tire put me into a violent shake, took a whippin, but my bike looks fine. Couple scuffs, broken right mirror, back tire, of course, tpms, some riding gear and really good gloves?, and we are going to the east coast. I don't think that there is an all around touring cycle that beats it.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Big Bee » Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:47 am

It is a peculiar thing about getting married and owning a Goldwing. Not only do I love my wife and riding, she loves me and "OUR" Goldwing. Several years ago we spent the night at a motel in Grand Junction, CO. The next morning we were getting ready to leave, as well as some Harley and Indian riders with their wife's. When their wife's looked at the butt pads they were riding on compared to the Goldwing seat, I don't their husbands' trip was all that great afterwards. I would not want to be in their seat!

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by WingNutJC » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:48 am

Well, I had become interested in 1930s Art-Deco cars, and then saw a pic of the Henderson Streamliner.

Then I discovered, and eventually bought this:

The Honda Goldwing Streamliner:

As part of the purchase (and for a song), I also acquired this - my first Goldwing:

Have just spent 20 mins describing my Wing experiences and then the board asks me to log in again and all of that is gone. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - resume normal transmission:

As far as I can tell from here in Australia, the streamliner was last registered in Delaware.
The GL was last registered in Michigan in 2012 (yellow sticker).

I'd very much like to find out some history on each.

GL1100: I have the owners manual, with the names of at least two previous owners:

Behind the steering head tube, I found a perfect, dried maple leaf. Have it in a jar now.

I found several items in the topbox reflecting usage of earlier owners, eg, spare fuses and bulbs, but this one is special, IMHO, and I'm sure, that somewhere in Michigan, there's some really cranky old guy still cursing his woman fer jus losin' mah best ole screwdrivah ... LOL

If I can find him, I'll return his screwdriver. Might seem a bit silly, but after a while, we all acquire tools that are special to us, and to lose one is just not the same as losing a Walmart screwdriver is it?

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by 1Rballer1 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:35 am

I had Yamaha's all my life, from a 100, 250, 650, lastly a 1100. At 58, my wife said that was enough, if I wanted her to continue riding with me I had to get a seat she would be comfortable on. I tried the Butt Buddy, Mustang seats and after all that time and "MONEY" my wife said no good. So I saw a used 1999 Honda Gold Wing with only 20K on it for sale. I took it for a ride, took my wife for a ride and felt not quite in control of this monster and told her I didn't feel safe. She said I wont be able to get a bike like this for such a good price again. So I decided to buy it and ride it a bit without her to get use to such a big bike. I am so glad I did!!! Every time we go for a ride we can't help but comment how comfortable the ride is. My first big ride was around Lake Michigan and absolutely loved it. I felt sorry for those who were on a Harley. We have a ride planed for Shawnee National Forest in a month. Love the ride, the looks, all the baggage compartments, the balance and the 1500GL purrrrss down the road. I tried the 1800 models, but mine is better.

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