Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by WahooWing »

In FEB 1976, I took my Honda 550 into the Honda shop for work. When I returned to pick it up, I noticed a 1975 GL1000 sitting on the showroom floor and sat on it to get a feel for what it might be like to ride it. I had to go on a 48-hour shift (on the Air Force base) the next day; I thought about that Goldwing the whole time. As soon as I could, after getting of duty, I returned to the Honda shop to trade in my 550 for that GL1000. [I'll never go back to a chain-drive].
I still have the bike; but its' partially disassembled in hopes that I can restore it (as soon as I finish restoring my pickup truck).

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by raymondhimes »

I rode a 800 Suzuki for years I wanted the most comfortable bike on the road. Now I never have a sore back or butt when I do long trips. I love my wing and I will never buy anything else.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by nick2681 »

Why a Wing? Because the Honda touring bikes are the only kind of bike I've ever known. When I was big enough for a helmet to fit, I started riding with my grandfather on the back of his 1985 1200 LTD. I got my license after finishing college, and my first bike was a 1982 GL500i Silver Wing. Eventually, upgraded to a 1980 1100, and now happily riding a 1989 1500. It's not the prettiest bike, cosmetically (pretty sure it was kept outside without cover by previous owners, because paint is all faded away on one side, although the custom paint by The Scarecrow is fine), but it runs great and I've gotten close to 4,000 miles on it this season. I hope to upgrade to a used 1800 at some point when money allows (not as big a fan of the newest version).
1989 GL1500

Former Rides:
1982 GL500 Interstate
1980 GL1100

First Ride: on the back of my late grandfather's 1985 GL1200LTD

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by twinbooty »

I got into riding a motorcycle by accident. A friend was selling his 650 Kawi and I bought it. After learning how to ride it, I went on a couple of longer trips and was really worn out after the ride. I wanted a bigger bike. Well, that 650 was stolen and trashed, so I went without a bike for a few years. I went out shopping at a Kawasaki dealer because they had a sale. I started looking at another 650, but they had an 1100 spectre right next to it with a few more bells and whistles. There wasn't much of a price difference so I bought the 1100. Rode that bike from Minnesota to Yellowstone. Loved the trip, but realized that having saddle bags would be great (packed an army duffle bar and strapped it to the back of the back rest) for traveling. I married, had children, bought a house and never seemed to have much time to work on the bike so I sold it. Regretted it ever since. Always wanted a bike. After 15 years or so, I managed to talk my wife into letting me get a bike. Bike designs changed in that time, didn't want a HD (too loud) or any Harley look a likes. I just wanted a touring bike and a goldwing fit my needs in looks, size and comfort for me and my wife. Ran across a very good deal on 2002 GL 1800 and bought it. Never regretted. I love the ride, the power and all the bells and whistles that came with it especially the fairing. No longer am I being bombarded by bugs or even birds and the airflow goes completely around. It makes the ride more comfortable. Now I'm looking forward to planning another road trip.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by dsbeehive »

I got back from a short deployment in the reserves, starting in November 2007 and ending in September 2009, with most of the time being in theater, first 14 months in Iraqi Freedom and then 6 months in Enduring Freedom. While I was gone, all of the vehicles in the driveway were claimed - Wife, her parents, my son and her son and daughter. Well, that left me riding the bus to work. When I looked in the driveway I asked the question - Where would I park another car? But, I could clean out a corner of the garage and slide a bike in there. I started looking for a little bike to commute to the train on, but my wife said that whatever I bought needed a bigger back seat so she could join me. We found an 83 1100 as I had never ridden with my wife on the back. We found that she loved riding but did not like the comfort of the seat. So, we went out shopping for a new seat. We found one she liked that happened to be supported by on 03 1800. I rode that one for 9 years and 210K before it was totaled in a bad wreck that the highway patrol were looking for something to place a blanket over at the scene. I rode the ambulance 65 miles to the nearest trauma center. Before the cast was off my broken (pinned and plated wrist) I had an 02 that had 210K less miles on it bought and paid for. I rode it home from a friends garage and went into my next physical therapy appointment. When the PT asked me when I was going to pick up my replacement bike, I said "Last weekend". She just smiled. That was a year ago, and due to the nasty little bug, I have only put 17K on it in 10 months. This month will only be about 2K more.
So, long story short, my wife made me do it!

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Robert2 »

I got my first bike after returning from England.
I bought a Suzuki TS 250 used and then my now ex brother in law had a Goldwings.

I liked the look and sound of it.

Later upgraded to a Suzuki GS 650,which I sold to help buy my first house.

Went for a long time keeping my bike license current but no bike.

I was looking on line and found a 1998 Honda Aspencade 1500 . This bike had only 21,500 miles on it.

Went and test drove it and bought it that day. I had to come back later and ride it home,I love the look and the sound of my Aspencade.

I like that I don’t need ear plugs to ride it.

I have since bought helmets for my wife and daughter who love to ride with me.

I have only been able to get my oldest daughter to sit on it, she tells me no way DAD, when I ask about going for a ride

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