Buying new tires

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Don A
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Buying new tires

Post by Don A » Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:17 pm

Need to pick y'alls brains for a bit. This weekend my daughter and I were riding when the back end suddenly squirrely. You guessed it the back tire done gave up the ghost. Now my questions are:

1) Has anyone ever dealt with Good,bad, otherwise?
2) What would be a good brand of tire? Wear, price, handling?

Only time I ride in bad weather is if I'm accidently caught out in it (if it even looks like it might sprinkle it stays in the garage that day). Two up about 25% of the time.

These will be going on my '87 GL1200A Aspencade.

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Re: Buying new tires

Post by metalsmith » Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:06 pm

I just put a Perelli on the back of mine (87 Aspy) and I'm liking it fine so far. I'm 2-up 75% of the time.

I replaced a Shinko that I put on last year...GREAT tire, sticky in the rain. Sounds like that is not an issue on yours. It was a good ride, but soft (as I was warned) I got less than 6000 on it. Even tho it was table-topped with no remaining tread in the center, it still rode great and was easy to maneuver.

The tire previous to that was a Metzler. It got about 5000 on it and started to crack. It was a great handling tire, and still has almost all of its original tread. The cracks go to the belts in a couple of places, so there is no way I'll run the tread off that one. I put a Metzler front on at the same time as I did the rear, and it still has good tread condition and is a good handling tire. I think the rear was just one of those 'friday-tires' when everyone was ready to go home...or maybe a 'monday-morning' tire. Metzler makes tires in Germany and South America. Strangely (to me) the one that went south came from Germany. My S.A. front tire is still going strong.

I cannot speak to dealing with, since I have not. I got my previous tires from Jake Wilson and they are great to deal with. Good prices and delivery on my front counter in 2-3 days (free shipping if you meet their min $) The last Shinko I got for a GL1000 project last week came from Motorcycle Superstore (Jake Wilson did not carry this size) They also have good prices and shipped quickly. The tire, tube and beads met their requirement to get free shipping also.

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Re: Buying new tires

Post by mtn_boy1 » Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:57 pm

I've had great success with Last set I put on my 1100 were 'Wildflares', front and back. Back one lasted about 9,000 miles and the front is still on it with 14,000. It's ready to be changed. I don't have the 1100 anymore, my son does now. I have ordered a lot from Bikebandit and only had 1 problem. I ordered sprockets and a chain for my youngest son's dirt bike and they sent the wrong chain. They 'next day'd' me the correct chain at no charge. Really easy to work with.
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