2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by OldZX11Rider » Fri May 20, 2016 8:59 am

I agree, $30,000 is way too much! But then again, I'm a tightwad. :lol:

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by Willieiso118 » Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:04 am

johnny42 wrote:Keep in mind, if Honda decides to add all those bells and whistles mentioned in this thread, Gold Wings will get expensive.
A Goldwing here in Canada is 32k + (retail) and my Triumph Trophy with AM, FM, XM, GPS (Garmin on Triumph OEM mount), ABS, Traction control, programmable adjustable suspension, electric windshield, USB accessory integration, adjustable bars, optional top box, bluetooth, 4 power ports and on and on... was 23k and the bike is a few hundred pounds lighter. The 1215cc 3 cylinder engine and 6 speed trans give great power and nice fuel economy... Built in Hinckley England they can still compete very well on the world market.... why can't Honda?? Loved and sometimes miss my 1800, the Mrs does miss the 1800's rear seat, but 80+ % of my riding is 1 up, as she has her little BMW F700GS to bomb around on....

I might buy another Gold Wing down the line, depending on what Honda does with the line. I will not buy a GL1800 in its current incarnation, its heavy, bloated and needs a lot of upgrades, perhaps Honda & the GL need to get lean again. There are some very nice 1200-1600cc power plants around the world, Honda might consider downsizing the Wing... In europe it is called the "lead wing" as it is so heavy and a lot of work to maneuver on the windy european roads....

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by OldZX11Rider » Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:22 am

There are so many, good, low mileage Goldwings "priced right", it's hard to justify buying new unless money's no problem or it's a status thing and your credit rating is good.
If you're able to work on one, they can be "dirt cheap". Sometimes a two for one price. One to fix and one for parts.
You may have to travel some and you might need a trailer but there are many good bikes on the market.
I don't like making payments year after year and having a finance company telling me I must have full coverage insurance.
I'd rather buy outright then pick the insurance coverage I want. There's a lot on the used market and they're not all at a dealership. :D
For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain:

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by laforg » Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:07 am

Folks, I know this is an older thread, but I gotta put in my two cents here. I've been riding, on and off, since I was 15 years old (I'm 61 now). I started out on a 1948 Cushman Step-Through with a little one-lung engine that topped out at 45mph. I once rode from Oregon to Alabama on a Suzuki GT550, a two stroke, three cylinder vibration machine. I arrived with saddle sores after a ten-day journey. Graduated to a Yamaha 850 Midnight Special. Very fast, but I would never have taken it on a long trip. After a 10-year hiatus I finally got on Craigslist and started looking at GoldWings. This was my ultimate dream bike, but I didn't have much money over the years, and I rode whatever I could afford. Lo and behold, I found an '88 GL1500 listed at $1000. The old girl sat in this guys garage for 5 years because he wouldn't fix the oil leak. I offered $600.00 and he took it. I had it towed home, put a $100.00 battery in it and it fired up on the first try. I never did see any signs of an oil leak. Where am I going with this? I really want to know why you want to buy a new 'Wing? Mine has 162,000 miles on it, the front speakers are blown, it never had rear speakers, the cruise control doesn't work, and it's 28 years old. Would I buy a new megabuck 'Wing? I don't think so. I am completely and totally in love with this bike, despite it's shortcomings as far as features go. It's the most comfortable bike I've ever owned, runs smooth as silk, and has LOADS of power. A lot of you mention having post-2001 bikes. With all the bells and whistles that are on the GL1800, what are you really complaining about? Why buy a new one? Just for Bluetooth? Come on, guys, show your 'Wing some love. With proper maintenance these things last nearly forever. As for Honda... I don't see the need for any major changes. Sure, keep the styling current, but If it ain't broke, don't fix it! And as far as the "Anniversary Edition" goes, aren't most special edition vehicles, 2 wheels or 4, just a dressed-up version of the current model? Love your GoldWing. The grass really ain't any greener on the Europe side of the fence.

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by Paulcf » Sat Oct 01, 2016 6:42 pm

The above posting is well said! I agree 100%!

Don't know what more to say other than I have continued my 'rant' about a new Goldwing on the posting about the 2018-future Goldwing. However a few things would have been nice to have as I mentioned there.

It is important to like/love what you own/ride of course and I do, the power, the comfort, and hey, it's a motorcycle says it all!

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by Scooter363y » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:51 pm

I have to agree that the 40th anniversary model was a disappointment if you were expecting any "big" changes. It was after all an "anniversary" model not a new model. My wife really liked the model but the local dealer must have liked it too cause they wanted full pop for the floor model $24,000. I found a 2014 base model ($19,999) in the more desirable (to me) red metallic color. I got additional Honda employee discount so that made it even better.

I really like my wing. I like all the features,ride,and smoothness. A few of the detailes could be refined,reengineered, or just plain replaced. But I like and use the good features and fix or avoid the "warts" that I don't like. I posted an article on " building the perfect wing".

While working at Honda I heard a lot of angry statements about the moving of the wing production out of the states. I was also disappointed at the move. But production was moved to a new "super plant" with variable production of larger bikes. This makes centralizing production and reduces cost. In the later years Lessing demand of the bikes made keeping constant staffing a problem. Many associates were temporarily assigned to the auto plant. This is a little off subject but interesting.

Now the good part. It's hard to move a complete model from one plant to another. Let alone all the models in one plant. It makes sense that there was only a minor model change 2010-2012. The plant was a new/redone plant with lots of new tooling not the time to do major changes .

Now the good news now the plant is up and running the engineering brain power has time to work on major model changes. And also Honda has a record of major model changes every 4-6 years a little longer on the bikes. So hang in there somethings coming down the pipe. And knowing Honda a major change is a major change. I think it will be worth the wait.


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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by Fatboy46 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:35 pm

anytime you thing an outfitted Goldwing is expensive- go price a similarly outfitted Harley.

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by Alexcomp » Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:22 pm

I've had three Wings,07,08 and 15. Many favorable comments on the good looks of the bike. One big improvement is the reduction in the "Jetson hovercar whine" (from the alternator). My 07 had it bad, the 08 slightly better and the 15 noticeably better.

I considered the beemer 1600 when I last upgraded but no local dealer and lots of input that it's technically slick but a bugger to maintain plus expensive. Many comments here seem to indicate that was a correct assumption.

I was a two bike guy for a while with a 2011 Concours. Needed to have that sport touring experience. Found I drove the Wing more often and sold it. Reliability and smooth power is what it's all about for me. Sure I'd like that sixth gear and that bigger engine and the bluetooth that's been rumored forever but it's really pretty good as it is. Speaking of cost, it looks like prices have gone up but Southern Powersports in Chattanooga has sold me my last three machines at good prices. No reason why this 15 can't run for the rest of my motorcycle career (soon to be 73) so I'm set and happy.

Followed an email link and inquired about a trade-in with Chattanooga and found no 17s plus airbag may be gone. Did a group ride once and sat next to a guy at lunch. He had an airbag and told me about a headon collision with a pickup truck with no major injuries. He was convinced the bag saved his life. No trade up for me unless they bring it back. (recall list only goes to 12 BTW but watch space for development).

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by finnrider » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:27 pm

I haven't paid attention to this forum since I sold my GL1800 four years ago so just now noticed this thread. As has been noted production was moved to Japan in 2010/11. You can be sure the design and engineering staff was probably about 80%+ new. Couple that with the fact that designing and introducing a new model of any vehicle can take upwards of 6 to 10 years from start to showroom so it's no wonder there was not major change for the 40th anniversary year. But now the rumors are rampant about a real change for 2018 MY. Late 2011 to late 2017 is six years, a reasonable time frame to design and produce a new model.

2018 is probably it! Something for all diehard GW fans to look forward to!

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by jgarrett » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:11 am

cbx4evr wrote:
Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:06 am
I can't afford a new GoldWing no matter what they do to it so for me it's not a big deal.

I do agree with you though and think that Honda should listento their customers a little more. Lastly I have a friend who ditched his GoldWing for a BMW and now wishes he hadn't.
Can I ask why your friend wishes he wouldn't have? I have been thinking about a new (to me) BMW K1600GTL. I am uninspired by the GL1800, I bought one back in 2001 and it just seemed like driving a car after while that didn't get great gas mileage. I LOVE my 1985 GL1200L and will stick with it until Honda brings it's "A game" back to the table. I was sorry to see Yamaha go air cooled v-twin, was hopeful for a new serious touring machine!

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by bryanw1 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:05 am

I've been reading these posts with interest because yesterday I was actually looking at a 40th Anniversary model for about $17,000 with about 10 k on it, and comparing it in my mind to a 2017 with 900 miles for $25,000. After looking at the 2017 with everything on it the Goldwing has come out with except airbag, I found the Anniversary model really bare bones with no CB or XM. I'm trading out an '01 GW. As I was reading tonight, I thought back to my first GW, a new 1979 with the full Vetter setup. I was going from a Yamaha 750 triple that was loud, rough, and vibrated like crazy. I picked up the new one in San Diego one Friday night after getting off my ship (Navy). When I pulled out onto the freeway and started running, it was so exhilarating I've never to this day forgotten it. The power and handling and silk smooth engine were things that in 50,000 miles I still never got used to. As much as I enjoy motorcycles to this day, I've never again had a moment like that night. I kept riding almost until morning. All for $6,000.

Now, bells and whistles and comforts I couldn't have imagined then have somehow never given me that feeling again. It's all relative.

That said, I agree. I'm writing this when the finally redesigned 2018 has been released, but still not seen by many people. I got excited because it sounded like Honda had finally done some things with the GW I've been complaining about for a long time. Primarily Bluetooth. But the more I read the more I realized Bluetooth, a better front end, and a 7 speed auto tranny weren't enough to get around the other changes that are not so attractive: a 50% reduction in luggage space, less fuel capacity, among other things. Once again, it appears Honda is just not listening. I understand they want to expand there market, but they may be doing it at the expense of the market that has made them successful for over 40 years. It's hard to believe that leaving a model option that includes the new technology but retains the features that kept long distance touring riders with the GW would have solved a lot of problems they may be facing. I simply looked in to it and realized I can replace my high mileage machine with a new one, and put on the Bluetooth myself and be much happier.

Whether I stay with the older version or the new, these machines are a miracle in pleasure and reliability. But I doubt either will provide the thrill of that night 39 years ago.

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by RoadRunner15 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:39 am

I'm quite happy with mine!

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by AZgl1800 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:40 pm

the new 2018 was on display at Austin, TX yesterday and Motorcyclist Magazine did a video of it.

Best video I have seen yet, several engine examples laid out on tables, with various covers removed.

Two frames totally stripped, not parts, on on a stand with only the suspension on it.

If you are on Facebook, or maybe even if you aren't, it can be seen here.

https://www.facebook.com/motorcyclistma ... 365876973/

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by WingAdmin » Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:54 pm

Disappointing......vertical portrait-mode videos drive me crazy, I will not watch them.

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Re: 2015 Goldwing (40th Anniversary) disappointment

Post by AZgl1800 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:49 pm

that was the very first thing I thought of when I saw his videos....

come on guy, for the love of gawd, are you an idiot??

it felt like he was trying to keep the rest of the arena a secret...


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