Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

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GramKate wrote:
Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:12 am
I rode behind my husband on several GoldWings that we've owned, when I finally decided that I wanted to learn to ride and have my own motorcycle. At the age of 53 I got my permit, a Rebel 250, started practicing and passed the Motorcycle Safety Course on the first try. My husband made sure that I learned how to ride at slow (1st gear) speeds so that I knew how to balance the motorcycle before I got out into traffic. Once I got over my initial hesitation on the open road, I was off and riding.
I've attached a picture of our two motorcycles: my 2012 Honda Shadow Aero 750 and his 2008 GoldWing GL1800.
Your husband is a lucky man. I would do anything to interest my wife in riding her own bike. I fear that it is lost cause so I will be riding solo, a lot. BTW, a couple of nice looking bikes.

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

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When my wife first decided to learn to ride it was a rather harrowing experience! It did not come natural to her. There were a number of bruises and minor burns on calves . But after awhile she got it and the rest is history . We ride together several times per week rain or shine. We just recently took a long weekend and put about 1500 miles on the bikes in Arkansas. We both absolutely love the roads in central and noth central Arkansas. She currently rides a 2016 Indian Scout fitted with windshield ,hiway bars and saddle bags/ rack. We installed a throttle boss to help with hand fatigue. She started with a 1996 virago 535. In retrospect it was probably a little big for her to start with, but I honestly was not expecting her to have much difficulty learning. After about 3 months of her riding the streets as licensed rider she was already wanting more power to be able to better stay with me , particularly on the interstate. She is limited by her small size of 5 feet so most "touring " bikes are just too big and heavy for her to handle , mainly at stops or in emegency situations. She would love to get an Indian Springfield and has ridden one at a couple of demo events. My son recently bought a 2004 Yamaha Vstar 1100 which she can handle. It still a little big in size for her. Automatics or dual clutch models are certainly viable options but limiting in my opinion. If your wife or girlfriend can learn to use a clutch model that just opens up a lot more possibilities.

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

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Wife rides her own 2015 GL 1800 same as me, but her's is silver. Before the Wing she rode a BMW 1150 RT, M109R, Suzuki M50,Harley Heritage Classic, bunch of different dirt bikes, basically anything with 2 wheels. That is why I married her, well that and some other stuff. :lol:

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

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WingAdmin wrote:
Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:16 am
Riding behind Mrs. Wingadmin on her PC800...

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PAcific Coast... I wanted one of those when I was in my 20s but couldn't afford it. Guess I was destined for the touring life.

I really like the CTX 700, but alas, the wife it too short to reach the foot controls.

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

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My wife won't ride anymore on her own she only wants to be a passenger. I don't like having a passenger since it isn't as comfortable. I have to say the biggest reason is if something goes wrong or I make a mistake and that person got hurt I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

Post by blackbird »

When my wife and I (girlfriend at the time) met in San Diego while in the Navy, we took several rides up the coast on a borrowed Dream 305 that a roommate had. We married, and talked about getting a bike for years. She tried riding the Trail 90's, but was not comfortable. We finally purchased the PC 800. She took the Rider class for 3-wheel, got her endorsement, and we put a Voyager kit on it, and she spent nearly 10 years riding it. Oh by the way, this time she was "Double-Nickels" old when she got her license. Since getting our 1800, she much prefers riding 2-up. Oh, we did trike it, so now she is still licensed to ride, and is getting more comfortable with the bigger bike.
Good luck Ladies.

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

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what type of bike is the young woman sitting on on Goldwing Docs home page? It looks like a Honda of some type.

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

Post by musinger »

Yes my wife rides a 1984 kawasaki zn700 with vetter fairing and lowers.

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

Post by llenryb »

My wife rides on the back of our 1989 1500GL goldwing, I offerred to get her, her own bike but she just wants to sit back and watch the world go by. We are headed to Sturgis this year so we are looking forward to that. Bought a trailer for the bike and will see how it handles on the 600Km days that we are planning on putting in.



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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

Post by GramKate »

I'm sure that you'll have a great time at Sturgis as well as the trip to get there. We went to South Dakota several years ago, and our first day out was perfect. But the next two days we rode in the pouring rain. We still managed to have a great time even in the rain....but it's not something that I would want to repeat. We stayed in Custer City for a week and used it as our "base camp" for seeing the sights like the Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park and the great road trips it has to offer and we even made a trip into Wyoming to visit Devil's Tower. I wish you good weather and respectful drivers during your travels.

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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

Post by thrasherg »

Both my daughters and wife ride, both on the road and off-road!! We have had some amazing holidays.. When my wife (my girlfriend back at the time) and I started dating, she secretly booked riding lessons and then after a couple of months, surprised me with a motorcycle license.. We had to get her a motorcycle so being quite short, the choice was limited, but she purchased a Kawasaki ZXR400 (4 cylinder screamer, 15K RPM redline!!) and rode that for 2 years, then we moved to California where she purchased a Yamaha FZR600, and rode that for a few years, then she changed it for an R6, then we moved back to france. We purchased a couple of RZ350 YPVS's (his and hers) and rode those but she hated that they were kick start only!! so we then moved back to the USA and she purchased a Honda VT750 (for the low seat height) but now wants to buy a Yamaha FZ07 (3 cylinder). She also started riding an XR200 dirt bike back in 1995, then we got her a newer XR200 and made it road legal and we started dual sport riding, then after a while she wanted electric start, so we got her a CRF230F (basically and XR200 with electric start) and she has had that almost 10 years, has ridden all over the USA (TAT, CDR, WABDR, NMBDR, OHBDR, etc) and I really want her to get a CRF250X like my daughters, but she is just too short to touch the floor, so the 230 will stay, its very reliable but the suspension is terrible and doesn't make for a very exciting ride!! As mentioned both my daughters also ride off-road and on road, so we get to spend a lot of time together. We will be riding the Trans America Trail in late July from Oklahoma to the east coast, so that should be a lot of fun, we started it 3 weeks ago with a friend from Sweden, but he took a spill after 4 days and broke his foot, so we had to abandon the ride, he has now flown home so we want to pick up where we left of in late July!! The wife and I have ridden the TAT before, but this will be the first time for my youngest daughter (17) so we hope she will enjoy it. If all goes well we hope to take her on the CDR (Continental divide ride, from Canada to Mexico) next year, and are also planning for a 2 week road trip in the USA on road bikes, then she will be off to university like her sister and it will just be the wife and I having fun on 2 wheels!! The wife also loves to ride on the back of my wing, as she says it allows her to admire the scenery and not concentrate on the road and traffic, it doesn't hurt having the intercom and music!!


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Re: Does your wife-girlfriend ride?

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my wife used to ride with me on our 86 sei, she gets off work earlier in the evening
than I do and she informed me that she was tired of waiting for me to get home so we
cold go out and ride, so I suggested to her that she take a motorcycle training/safety course
and get her bike license and go find her a bike that fits her height, she`s 5, 4 and we would
look into getting her own bike, she picked out an 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 with bags and a
wind screen. we spent a week in june last year ridding all over north west Arkansas, it was

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