1million miles

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1million miles

Post by goldwing10001975 »

on July 29 2017 I will turn over 1 million miles on my 1975 Gl1000 Goldwing. I am planning an event at Pro Motor Sports in Wausau Wisconsin. Anyone who would like to join me is welcome. I purchase my bike new in 1976. So this has been my daily driver for 41 years. I currently am using my 4th motor(its just easier to swap motors now than rebuild them). Tire changes,oil changes the numbers are all in my maintenance log. more information at promotorsportswausau.com

new GL1000 1975
new GL1000 1975

1 million mile key
1 million mile key

July 2017
July 2017

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Re: 1million miles

Post by jim34481 »

That is outstanding. Congratulations. How many seats have you been through?
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Re: 1million miles

Post by Viking »

That is an amazing feat. I have ridden just over 800,000 miles, but on several different motorcycles. A million miles is a bunch, I can tell you, and all on one motorcycle totally blows my mind. This is especially true, considering that you live in the same weather wise type of area that I do, and winter riding can be a challenge. So an early congrats for 29 July 2017.
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Re: 1million miles

Post by wilmo »

And that key still works?? You are definitely in a small group, I don't know of anyone who has done this on one bike. I don't suppose it's for sale is it? :twisted:
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Re: 1million miles

Post by billbob »

WOW,congrats that is awesome.
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Re: 1million miles

Post by aj1500 »

Wow, that is amazing
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Re: 1million miles

Post by greenbaypackfan »

It sure beats the 531000 I have on my 96 Wing.
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Re: 1million miles

Post by brettchallenger »

Congratulations, some achievement. Best I ever did was 36k on a BMW - it didn't look good on it either.

However, your, " I currently am using my 4th motor" comment did remind me of this....

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Only joking.
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Re: 1million miles

Post by Hoosier Jack »

Wow, your butt must be made of steel

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Re: 1million miles

Post by FM-USA »

MILLION miles on the chassis is one thing, the motor totally something else.
Whenever someone talks about major miles on a vehicle, it's normally accepted it's on the power-train.
STILL, a major achievement, KUDOS!

On 4 different bikes I've got over 1/2 Million miles on my tush.
2 Iron Butts on my 1977 XS1100, tho never registered as an I.B..
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Re: 1million miles

Post by WingAdmin »

Let us know how it works out - how did you plan to do it at exactly 10 am?
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Re: 1million miles

Post by cardinal »

Were the replacement engines from salvage bikes? If so, how many miles were on them when you procured them. I replaced the engine on my 1995 Goldwing with one that had 20,000 miles less than the original.
You're right about it being easier to replace the engine than it is to rebuild. I think it's cheaper, too, even if you do it yourself.
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Re: 1million miles

Post by goldwing10001975 »

The million mile event was held in near perfect weather saturday morning. More than 100 people attended the picnic style event.At 10:00 am after the nation anthem I and a small group of riders went on a short 10 min. ride. I timed the ride to return to the parking lot with 999,999 miles showing on odometer. After some pictures and 1 lap around the parking lot I rolled 1,000,000 miles. After more pictures, congratulations, a interview with the local channel 7 news crew the rest of the day was spent enjoying a picnic under the tent. I had on display all the helmets used over 41 years. Yes for some reason I kept all 7 of them. There were 8, but one was stolen off my bike many years ago. I also had all the old license plates, the original title and sales contract. Purchase price including tax title and license was $2348.59. Several old atlas books and 3 picture boards covering 41 years of me and the Gold Wing. I am going to post my event pictures at promotorsportswausau.com when they are available from the photographer.

Former state senator Dave Zien was not able to attend the event. He did stop over on the Friday evening before. He is the only other person I know of that put 1 million miles on a single motorcycle. I told him that of all the miles we have ridden (I met him at many rallies and other event or saw him going the other direction). I only met him once by chance at a gas stop in Wabasha Minnesota. He was at approx. 900,000 and I was at about 800,000 miles. I still regret not taking a picture that day.

I plan on continuing to ride my 1975 Gold Wing. Is there a new Gold Wing in my future? I haven't made that decision yet.

Allan Zahrt, Dave Zien
Allan Zahrt, Dave Zien

1 million mile event
1 million mile event

999,999 miles
999,999 miles

1 million miles
1 million miles

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Re: 1million miles

Post by MrCrossFish »

Congrats and may your next million be as much fun! I was an 18 year old Honda STEP mechanic back in the late 70's and the Wings were a lot of fun (and sometimes a real challenge) to work on. Mounted many a Vetter fairing and bags (very cool that you still have them!) on those guys. Have fun and ride on, ride on, ride on!

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