Look for Shop to repair '78 GL1000

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Look for Shop to repair '78 GL1000

Post by swr1977 »

I need to find someone local to do some engine work on my '78 GL1000 ... If anyone from the Tacoma/Seattle, Washington area is reading this please advise me who you use for engine repair... Need a head job done... I have an exhaust value that's carboned up and I'm thinking I might need value seats replaced because the left bank smokes for a few minutes on startup.

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Re: Look for Shop to repair '78 GL1000

Post by DenverWinger »

Smoking on startup is a characteristic of any wing, especially the old ones, and especially if parked on the side stand. This is normal. Overhauling the heads and/or replacing the rings won't fix it.

There's additives you can use to get rid of carbon. Gurus?
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Re: Look for Shop to repair '78 GL1000

Post by Stew »

There is a fairly new small independent shop that took over a building that used to do small engine repair a few miles from my house that I drive by frequently, I don't know anything about it other than driving by. If it's not too far north (Smokey Point area) I could stop in and ask.
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