At least I got to sit on one

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At least I got to sit on one

Post by Sidcar » Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:45 pm

Went to the Motorcycle Show at the Birmingham NEC yesterday and there was the new Goldwing creating a mild amount of interest, enough for me to have to que for the pleasure of sitting on it. I watched the Honda bloke demonstrating the controls, press this, touch that, watch the read out, select this.........complex or what! OK for the Wingmen of this world but poor old Sid was left wondering if he could even start the dam thing let alone ride it up the road.
It was comfortable to sit on but not having a clutch lever felt weird. Compared to my GL1500 the saddlebag capacity looked small though the trunk can take two full face helmets, the Honda bloke had a photo on his phone to prove it (though it might have been two of the smallest helmets they could find)
There was no price on the data sheet next to the bike. Why be shy about the price Honda we've got to know sometime.
The only other machines that stood out were by small manufactures and the Indian Royal Enfield concern.
Retro is very much in. You can now buy a new Brough Superior. I sat on one of those as well, very nice but at £68000 plus a bit (all right a lot) out of my reach. You can also have a new Norton Commando and Royal Enfield have introduced a new Interceptor, the engine outline does pay a homage to the old Interceptor engine though I'm certain it will be more oil tight.
I didn't leave with a new bike but myself and the two friends I was with wanted a new Arai helmet each so we went over to the Arai stand and using the power of bulk purchase got a good deal on three Chaser X's.


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