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Introduction Thread

Post by crumbliss.r639 »

I usually see a thread where people can introduce themselves when I visit new forums, but I didnt see one here, so I thought I would start one, so I can introduce myself.

Hello Fellow Goldwing Fans, My name is Richard. Pleasure to meet you.
I am 47, enjoy long walks at sunset.... Shoot wrong forum... ummmmmmm

I rode my first GW in 1986, when my brother bought one for himself. He took me on a couple rides, and I fell in love. I have never wanted any other kind of bike.

I bought my first GW in 2008, a 1983 Interstate. I owned that bike for about 5 months, and it was more than I could find the time for, with too many mechanical problems for me to fix, so I sold it to a mechanic.

My next GW came in 2013. Actually, it wasn't a Goldwing but a 1978 Silverwing. I loved that bike, but my ex sold everything we owned when I was away, and left with another guy. My heart was broken over that... not that she left, but she sold my baby.

Last Sunday (Dec 10, 2017) I bought my latest GW, a 1981 GL1100. I paid $300 for the bike, which needs some work, but it came with many extra parts from another bike that was destroyed. So even if I have to replace the motor in it, I am still fine with what I paid. I could part the thing out and make more than I paid.

I will be coming to the forum for help as I dig into this wonderful piece of mechanical beauty. Thank you all for listening.

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by aj1500 »

Welcome aboard Richard
sounds like you got quite the deal on the 1100. there is so much knowledge here and great people to share it, you should have her up and running in no time.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Aussie81Interstate »

Hi Richard,

MY first wing was an 81 GL1100 interstate, and prior to that a CX500 custom, and I was sad to see the GL1100 go when I purchased a very low mileage 1988 GL1500. The GL1100 just had so much character it was very hard to part with it - especially after bringing it back to a good state of running etc..

You will have a wow of a time on this bike - I did for the few thousand miles I rode mine.

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by DenverWinger »

Welcome to this nice forum, you will find all the help you could possibly need in gettin the ol' girl running again!

My second wing is a 1980 GL-1100 STD equipped with Vetter fairing, trunk and saddlebag set, I bought 'er in 2005 with 53K mi for $650 as a non-runner hoping I could adapt all the Vetter gear to the 1977 GL-1000 I had at the time. The 1000 already had a Vetter fairing, but just a little baby luggage rack behind the seat. So after dismantling the trunk and saddlebag set on the 1100 I was saddened to find the mounts were ALMOST correct to fit the 1000, but were off by 1/2 inch here and there, and really would just not work. So I looked at seeing if I could resurrect the 1100. I checked to see if there was any oil in it, connected a piece of gas line to the fuel pump intake with the other end shoved in a 1 gallon gas can, jumper cables to the car battery, and lo-and-behold it actually started! Ran like S**T after sitting so many years, wouldn't idle, running mostly on only two cylinders with a third hitting once in a while, but was running. I didn't hear anything that sounded like major destruction in the block, so the work was on, to get her back in shape. (That's another story, so I don't hijack your thread!)

March this year I bought the '93 GL 1500-A with 43K mi for $4800, she has a couple tiny issues here and there (no big deal) but looks and runs like a dream, has an absolutely AWESOME 300 watt stereo, now with 57K mi on the clock. But twelve years later I still own and drive the 1100, now with 102K mi. She's needing some work now, she's starts missing on two cylinders around 5000 RPM if I mash the throttle, could be carburetors, could be a weak coil, will have to start troubleshooting.... Normal driving she still runs fine.

So we'll be working on our 1100's together, don't be afraid to ask questions, and there are an awful lot of good "How-To's", substitution or aftermarket part # to replace Honda parts now made of "Unobtainium" :shock: , plenty of Goldwing Guru's :ugeek: , both good and bad advice :lol: , and some twelve years of archived forum threads full of both very good information :idea: and bulls**t. You will spend hours reading old threads :D

Don't forget, we LOVE photos!.....

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Stanswings »

Greetings from cold MN .....
Great to be part of the forum again. Always a wealth of info here. I revived an old account from my days of a 1200, then a 1500 and then an 1800.
After that I went to the darkside and drove HD exclusively (what ??) LOL. After 8 years and finding a really clean 82 1100 and then adding a decent 91 1500 ASP to the mix I'm having a great time again on the Wings. Not sure yet about the 2018 ........ will have to drive one.
Goofed on my username .... requested change and you might see me again as "StansWIngs" .......
Thanks - and Merry Christmas All .....
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Mag »

....and welcome to the with who brought ya, even if it is a $300 work in process. You will enjoy it as much as long as it is rolling fwd.

I am just down the I-5 from you, just a coupla hours, always good to get more "Northwest" representation, especially how the weather flies up here.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by DarthJ »

Welcome, Richard! My first ever GoldWing is the 1993 Aspencade I bought (overpriced) from the local HD dealer 3 years ago. But she's my 4th Honda, first one was a little 89 CH80 Elite back in 93, then in 2011 (big break, I know) a 2011 Silverwing 600, then a VT750 Shadow Aero, and now the Wing.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by 2112 »

Hello community my name is Bert
Ive dreamed of owning a GW for years and it finally happened
I picked up a new leftover 2016 listing for $22,895. I think its a level 2 machine No ABS
I absolutely love it. It handles nicely but Im still getting familiar with its mass.
anyhow all I can think to say at the moment is Woot!

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