Ghosts in my bike

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Ghosts in my bike

Post by AZgl1800 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:02 pm

Today was Awesome!!!
met up with a lot of motorcycle friends at Granny's Kitchen in Huntsville, AR.. great food....

What a wonderful day I had, seeing all of my friends again, even if you guys were an hour late :rofl:

Jim, Redbud was a fantastic experience for me.... we have so many parallels in life, ham radio since we were kids, he too loves Morse Code, 'CW' and that took up at least a half hour...

Similar military experience, sort of... he went Navy Aviation repair, I went Air Force radio repair.

Funny story, my bike has Ghosts in it, the kind that talk to you.....
Turned off the CB and I still kept hearing a guy talking to me once in a while.

Turned off everything, Audio, Intercom, CB.... that guy is still talking to me.
Stopped and turned off my cell phone, and that guy is still talking to me.... ;)

Not all the time, just every few miles I would hear a blurb: a man speaking for about 3 to 6 seconds.... :?

Pulled into the garage, put the bike up, and the GPS blurted out "Traffic Advisory 5 miles ahead" :D :D :D
the cross winds were pushing the 30-50 mph range, and with everything turned off, the GPS speaker was doing the "talking to me"... but with my helmet on, it was muted to where I could not quite hear it good enough.


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