Air Horn Works

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Air Horn Works

Post by RockportDave »

Rode to town this morning to have breakfast and ended up on a 100 mile round trip run crossing Port Aransas Ferry and down Mustang Island (1st picture) to Padre Island (2nd picture). On the way back in Port Aransas traffic about 40 mph, had a pickup decide to move to our lane without looking. Hit the air horn and woke him up. He quickly moved back to his lane. We shared friendly nods as I passed him. First time to use the air horn and I’m impressed. Not deafening loud but got his attention with his windows up and air going.

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Re: Air Horn Works

Post by AZgl1800 »

Been there and had to do that more than once over the last 3 years since I have had an air horn on the bike.

each time, it was loud enough to get the errant driver's attention.

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Re: Air Horn Works

Post by gipsy42 »

MY first GL1500 18 year ago had air horns on her, and I put new ones in the actual 1500, in our bad traffic I used them very often, and I really love them!!
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Re: Air Horn Works

Post by offcenter »

A funny air horn story....
I installed my first set of airhorns on my brand new Honda CB-350, waaaay back in 1970.
I couldn't wait to try them out!!
Not far from me, a street call Ridgewood Road had a side road that merged into it at about
a 30 degree angle. This merging street had a stop sign, but I knew from living there that
almost no one stopped at that merge.
As I headed down Ridgewood, through the brush I could see a car approaching on the
merging street at a good clip. Just as he was about to run the stop sign (and hit ME)
I laid on the air horns. There was a loud screeching of tires as he locked the brakes, followed
by a loud CRASH as the guy behind him hit him in the ass, 'cause HE wasn't going to stop
there either!!
I laughed all the way home!!!!

George in Jersey.
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