A new episode of Hoarders

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A new episode of Hoarders

Post by Wink1018 »

Does anyone else here have a problem with collecting motorcycles? I’m starting to feel like my wife is going to call the people of Hoarders on me. I will agree that I am starting to run out of garage space. However, I believe that the perfect number of bikes (or guns for that matter) can be simplified by a mathematical equation.


Where N represents the current numbers of motorcycles a person owns......


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Re: A new episode of Hoarders

Post by Viking »

I agree that it can get to there. I had four at one time, which, after buying a Goldwing, which made it five, I began to sell off. I am down to two now, including the Goldwing, but I really miss the three I sold. It can be done tho, by going to hoarding counselling. I started with three sessions a week, and am now down to one session every second week. It took all the money I got from selling off the three bikes, but it has been well worth it. I am not crying myself to sleep any longer, and I do not sit and stare at the open spaces where the bikes used to be. I only need to glance in perhaps three times a day now. I wish you the best of luck with your recovery.
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Re: A new episode of Hoarders

Post by brettchallenger »

I use a slightly more complex equation.

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Re: A new episode of Hoarders

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Viking, I can understand missing the ones you sold. I miss my 73 ElectraGlide, but I'll never sell my 53 Panhead! Maybe one day I'll be able ride her again, then I'll probably sell this piece of **** Goldwing trike. The more I read about all the crap that does goes wrong with Goldwings the more I realize that my ole Panhead will outlast them all. I never had to do all this maintenance on her and the only time she ever left me on the side of the road was when I ran out of gas. I know how to build a Harley to last a lifetime.

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