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Post by PedroTQ »

G'day to Everyone :D

I hoist my bike or outfit up onto the workbench to save my knees and ankles.

I stripped a thread holding the aux fuel tank onto the sidecar chassis, no wonder as the wall thickness of the steel tubing is about 2mm.

Got called in to have breakfast and do the dishes etc.

When i came out i saw this :o :shock: :( :cry: :x


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Re: Ooops!!!

Post by Mh434 »

Could have been worse - I had mine blocked up with several jacks while I was trying to get the rear wheel off (it had jammed in the frame), and had to leave to help with a relative's medical emergency. When I came back to the shop, there was my bike - not only on its left side, but almost completely upside down. That was tough, as my only really strong jack was, of course, jammed under the bike. Thankfully, I own a "cherry picker" hoist & was able to jury rig a lifting system for it.
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