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A Question?

Post by mudplug »

Hi Guys, I dont know how many of you are in the UK? but over here I see that the 1500 is climbing in price pretty fast yet the 1800 is falling in price fast !! in fact you can now pick an 1800 up for less money than the 1500 !! There must be a reason for this? do I assume the 1800 in not a very good bike compared to the 1500? Confused lol

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Re: A Question?

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Very interesting observation. 1500 and 1800 are good bikes, but have some different characteristics depending on what you are looking for. I owned an 1800 for 3 years and now have a '95 1500 and my '85 LTD (fuel injected).

The 1800 is fuel injected and this makes it a very good ride, more HP and torque than the 1500. It is also a sportier ride. I find the 1500 easier to work on depending on what you are doing. The 1500 being carbureted can pose some challenges especially if you lay it up for a considerable amount of time.

The 1500 ergonomics in the cockpit are better for the taller rider, I'm 6'2". The 1800 is a smaller cockpit and taller riders will generally have to modify the seat.

The price of an 1800 versus a 1500 could be because of the new 1800, another good GW if it's for you. The older 1500 and even the 1800 are long in the tooth. Finding a shop to work on older bikes can be problematic. The 1800 is an older bike as well considering it was produced in 2001 and other than the electronics package, and things such as ABS, GPS and air bags, has pretty much stayed the same. Cosmetic changes to the exterior design have been done but doesn't really affect the mechanics of the bike.

See the same regarding price over here. Prices for the older 1000/1100/1200 can exceed that of a reasonably priced 1500, and some 1500s are priced close to the early 1800s, sometimes more.

I have my "85 LTD for inexpensive insurance, fuel injection, and fairly easy to work on. I have the 1500 because I wanted some extras such as reverse (again), and it is coming close to inexpensive insurance. Sold my 1800 because of insurance, and was too bewildering at the time regarding work. Probably will get another 1800 but that will be a few years down the road.

IMHO, no real answer to the why of this issue. Bikes are like boats, sometimes no rhyme nor reason to the price.

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