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New rider

Post by DwightIvey »

I am a new rider and I have a Honda gold wing as my first bike can anyone give me suggestions on what is the best way to learn this bike I bought the bike before I learned how to ride so I am stuck with it I don’t really have the money to buy another bike it’s a 2004 gl 1800

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Re: New rider

Post by aj1500 »

congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of riding
best advise I can give is find a safety course and take it before you go out and just try to learn. that is a big bike to learn on

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Re: New rider

Post by Solina Dave »

aj1500 wrote:
Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:05 am
congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of riding
best advise I can give is find a safety course and take it before you go out and just try to learn. that is a big bike to learn on
Welcome Dwight.
100% on the suggestion by aj to take a riders course. It would be considerably less expensive going that way, than to buy another smaller bike to learn on. And the course would build your confidence by teaching you a lot about proper motorcycling. It would also assist you in obtaining your licence, and likely get you a discount on your insurance.

Good luck........Dave
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Re: New rider

Post by mterraci »

Absolutely agree with taking a motorcycle safety course right away; best thing anyone can do.

First and foremost, be aware of just how much power the Goldwing has and take it easy. Don't panic and hit the throttle too hard, the bike will really respond. Control is key.

Riding down the road on a Goldwing is a true pleasure and is very easy. The bike handles like a much smaller, lighter motorcycle.

Be aware of the bike's weight (900 pounds) when stopped. I think the easiest way to get hurt is moving it around in the garage, etc. Be careful and don't ever be in a rush (that goes for getting in and out of parking spots too).

You'll love your Goldwing! You're definitely starting with the best motorcycle out there.

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Re: New rider

Post by Rambozo »

Do you have any experience driving a stick shift car?

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Re: New rider

Post by RockportDave »

Welcome and congrats on the “new” bike.
Ditto on the safety course. If your a beginner, they have smaller 250cc bikes to ride at most courses.
If you decide to ride the “beast” first, keep it straight on take offs and stops. If it decides to fall over while moving slowly or stopped, let it go down. It weighs too much to try to catch it. Most Goldwings will only go down to the engine and saddlebag guards hit the ground. Also, google how to pick up a big bike after it has fallen over. There is a trick to it.
Find a large empty parking lot and Practice slow maneuvering. Most of us who have dropped our bikes were sitting still, coming to a stop, taking off or riding slow. There are many threads here on the forum that deal with this.
And most important, have fun!

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