Sena free wire and s20evo frustration.

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Sena free wire and s20evo frustration.

Post by rmoss » Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:29 pm

Well I decided to cut the cord and I am really regretting it right now. For the money I spent it should work flawlessly but it does anything but that.
Talking to sena support is almost a of waste of time. There sulotion to everything is do fault reset or a factory reset several times and that should fix everything. Geat support. :evil:
So I'm hoping someone can possibly help me.
I have 2 20S evo and 2 free wires.
Some issues are pairing. I have headsets paired to each other and each free wire paired to a helmet. I also have phoned paired to headset. When I start the .bike it only acknowledges the phone and not the free wire. I need to turn off Bluetooth on phone then turn on headset and then start the bike. After it pairs with free wire I can now turn on Bluetooth. Seems like a lot of work everytime I start bike.
Another issue is echoing in the headsets while talking. I think I have solved that by turning off the bikes intercom and only using the 20Sevos.
Also if you do not unplug the headsets after the blue light comes indicating a full charge they seem to begin to discharge battery. Sena tech says you must unplug as soon as blue light indicates full charge. One headset never changes from red to blue indicating a full charge. Senas suluton is do a factory reset,

Wind is another issue. I use open face helmets and the wind causes headset to cut in and continuously. Once again Sena says factory reset or fault reset. Never had that issue with corded J&Ms

Anybody else having issues.


I should have bought J&M with the Dongle but that was even more pricy.


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Re: Sena free wire and s20evo frustration.

Post by C-dub » Sat Jun 29, 2019 7:58 am

I'm really sorry you're having such issues. I don't think I can be of much help since I am not having any issues with my SRL in my Neotec-2's and Freewire. However, this is what I do and if it helps that'd be great.

I will usually plug the helmet and Freewire in before going to bed at night and blue lights indicating full charge are on in the morning. I don't think I've ever unplugged them as soon as they came on or even shortly after. Since the charges are usually good for something like 8 hours I can get a couple weeks worth of riding to and from work before needing to recharge. On trips we just plug them in overnight at our destination and they've been fine.

When powering up I always turn on the Freewire before the helmet unit. My phone is always already on. Then, when I power up the helmet it always pairs with the phone first and then the Freewire. It says, "Phone connected" and then "Media connected." Media is the Freewire. I have on occasion forgotten to turn off my SRL and Freewire when getting off the bike for whatever reason. That's not a problem, though, since the SRL isn't actually connected to the bike and I don't have the Freewire dependent on the bike for power. If I walked out of range of the Freewire then I do need to power it off then back on in order to reconnect with the SRL. If I did not get out of range and the SRL and Freewire did not disconnect I don't need to do anything since they remained connected even though the bike was off.

All of this only took a few time of manually pairing when I first bought the whole setup. After that they automatically air up, but as long as the phone and Freewire are on before powering up the SRL. It was the same with my wife's SRL, but without a Freewire for her. She didn't want that, so she's only connected to her phone and my SRL via intercom. The intercom connection doesn't do that on its own, but is very simple after the first few times. We don't usually turn that on every time and sometimes while riding down the road I'll suddenly hear my wife in my head. She will activate the intercom pairing on her SRL and mine will connect without me even touching mine. I suppose she could be touching the big button on mine when she's doing this, but I don't think so. I haven't felt her doing that.

My only real complaint about these headsets at all is the sound quality. They are not for audiophiles, but they are MUCH better than the Chatterbox stuff we had 10-15 years ago.
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Terry D
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Re: Sena free wire and s20evo frustration.

Post by Terry D » Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:07 pm

Yes, I too, always turn on the bike first and it powers on my Freewire. Then I turn on my 20S and it connects first to the phone and then to the Freewire. That is the sequence before I bluetoothed my phone to the TOM TOM GPS. Now, I turn on the bike to power on the Freewire first. I no longer have the phone bluetoothed to the Sena unit but instead to the GPS. I get all the bike's audio from the Freewire and GPS/Phone from the GPS. I can also intercom my Sena unit to my Son's Sena unit and also my friends Sena unit. No more chords.

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Re: Sena free wire and s20evo frustration.

Post by rmoss » Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:26 pm

Well I guess I better play some more with it. If I do not turn off Bluetooth first I get phone connected media failed.
I was all set to play with it yesterday but when we got set to go for a nice ride mine says low battery and was dead in 2 min. I had only used it 4 times the previous week for 1 hr each time going to work and home. I powered it off whenever it was not in use.
So I will need to wait for next weekend to play with it some more.

On a funny note I received a call on the phone the other day. It never rang or gave a message. I was singing out loud with the music when I heard a voice I sort of reconized. It was my daughter calling me and all she could here was my singing. For what ever reason I looked up as if someone from above was talking to me. We both had a good laugh at that.

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