Single Parent Needs Help Getting Motorcycle for Commuting

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Single Parent Needs Help Getting Motorcycle for Commuting

Post by zeoran » Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:02 am

After spending 2 years unemployed I finally have a job again, a job I love dearly. The only hiccup is that it's 40 miles away from me and my car is not handling the 80 mile/day commute very well. There's also the 3-4 hours I spend getting to/from work as well as the hundreds each month in gas, which will only go up as SoCal gas prices continue to climb. I've been looking at getting a motorcycle for a couple of months. It will get me to work quicker, cheaper and will free up my car so that my son (who's getting his license this summer) can use the car when he needs it during his senior year in high school. It's also the only vehicle I can afford to insure and even find a place to park at my current location. (I'll be moving in a year when my son graduates) I was originally looking for another Goldwing but members on this board helped convince me that I would be better off with something more reliable, cheaper to repair for commuting. I found a great 2002 ST1100 on Craigslist that I'm looking to purchase, I just need to get the funds. I can't get a conventional loan because my credit got trashed due to medical bills from a near-death incident in 2014. I set up a Go-Fund-Me page based on feedback from some friends. I appreciate your feedback in helping me in this endeavor and helping direct me to what suits my needs, even if it doesn't fulfill my wishes. ... campmgmt_w

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