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Re: Group Rides

Post by vac »

Group riding is about company. Solo riding is about the scenery.

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Re: Group Rides

Post by Harp »

I've given up on the large group ride thing. Too many times it seems a number of other riders set the destination and stops traveling bar to bar. I don't drink while I'm riding and am more than a little tired of those who constantly need to stop for a beer. After another rider almost put me in a ditch last run, I was vocal enough that I doubt I'll be invited back. I'll stick with my couple of buddies that choose to ride sober, even if they are HD riders.

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Re: Group Rides

Post by jpschaefer »

Just finished a 5 day group ride through the BC Rockies. It was a terrific experience with people that I know from work and this group does a ride every 1 - 2 years. I had never taken a multi-day trip until I did one with these folks. I learned a lot from the experiences and am now comfortable doing them myself or with my wife.
Some things that were helpful...
- the route and hotels were distributed in advance
- 5 or 6 bikes at the most
- 400-600 km per day
- motels with free breakfast and near (walking distance) restaurants for supper
- meet for breakfast to confirm route and fuel stops
- firm on kick stand up time, usually 7 am
- stretch break at gas stops
- lunch break (never alcohol)
- dinner together
- keep an eye on the weather (we had to make a change on this trip)
- keep bike separation at 5 - 10 min at the most during the daytime
- we had CB radio contact in the past, which was really helpful but managed okay without
- fuel up / clean windshields the night before
- I or my wife (passenger) takes photos and makes a slide show for the group which is very popular.
We're comfortable with one person being the 'ride leader' but ensure that everyone is comfortable sharing ideas or concerns. On the highway, we don't ride in 'formation' but are generally close enough that we can see each other in the distance. Going through a city, we keep close.
I like the tip of the first meet at a coffee shop rather than gas station.
An idea we kicked around is to stay at a central location and take a series of day trips (return to the same motel every night). Another thought is to include a free day where people can explore as they like and just meet for supper at end of the day.
Happy trails!

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Re: Group Rides

Post by OldguyGlen »

Still getting acquainted with my GL1100, so I'm not ready for Group rides yet. But I might try some day-trip rides to meet local Wingers, or Antique MC folks. But scheduled Group Rides can be a challenge... weather-wise. Cancel the ride? Let individuals decide? Get all "macho" and ride in any weather to prove some point?
Recently, on a Saturday, out in the country just west of town, in pouring rain... While I'm secure in my cage, I see about 12 riders, in formation, returning toward the city. I thought "Are they having fun yet?"
Weather was threatening all day, rain was forecast. Why did they go? Well maybe they were returning from a long distance, multi-day trip and needed to get home reasonably on schedule. But it cast a cloud (figuratively speaking) over my desire to sign up for a group ride any time soon.

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Re: Group Rides

Post by chunk »

Yeah, I'm not a group rider either, after more than 40 years on 2 wheels, I've never done one. I like going to motorcycle events though, where like minded folks all congregate, show up on their own, enjoy the event and then go your separate ways. chunk.

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Re: Group Rides

Post by detdrbuzzard »

I usually ride in a group of three. me, myself, and I but sometimes ride in / with a larger group
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Re: Group Rides

Post by Arizonawest »

I ride with a small group occasionally , mostly trikes . I enjoy the visiting over lunch but just feel confined adhering to the structure of remaining in formation at a speed that satisfies all , usually painfully slow . I could probably ride with a couple bikers who ride somewhat like I do with comparable needs and desires . It is certainly reassuring having someone along in case of accident or breakdown but confess it is usually my wife and I or a friend on their bike .

I just was never able to be patient and wait in line , follow rules or be dictated to . It has brought me grief a time or two but just my dna .

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Re: Group Rides

Post by Corkster52 »

I prefer riding alone, or with up to 3 others. It just seems the most efficient and enjoyable way to ride. I rode with a larger group a while back and every stop, for fuel, food or bathroom took almost an hour. Going for a 150-mile ride took the whole day.

Don't get me wrong, we will have quite a group at "the gathering" next month, but it is my understanding that we likely break it up into groups of 10 or so....which isn't that bad.

Going to see some beautiful country and some challenging curvy roads, but there will probably be a few bumps in the road.

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