To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild

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To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild

Post by Mgostovich »

Ok fellow wingers it is time to weigh in and help me to make the tough decision.

I am trying to decide whether to rebuild and repaint my 1980 GL1100i or to sell her and upgrade.

What are your thoughts?

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Re: To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild

Post by virgilmobile »

I really liked my gl1000 for 15 years....I fixed it up good and sold it cause I had my eye on a it was nice...untill I got a 1200...fixed up the 1100 and sold it to pay to fix up the 1200...all was happy till I found the 1500...again I fixed up the 1200 and sold it to pay off the 1500 and fix it up.
This transpired over 10 years mind you.
Each bike was a bit different.
Not only the style and features but the way it handled ( partially due to my age problems ).
Each to there own preferences..I kinda got away from the "rip your arms loose" for a lumbering giant (a really fast one) and comfort. you really want to stay on the bike or change...?
I also never made money selling a bike.
After making them turn key sellable , I just about broke even.
By the 1100 was the break neck fastest bike I ever ran and really fun to drive it.
Or so I thought at the time.

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Re: To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild

Post by raven41951 »

I had a deposit on a new Indian Chieftain after a test drive. Sweet machine. Then I test rode an F6B. Then I couldn't decide. I kept the deposit on the Indian but I bought a 94 GL1500 to ride until I could decide. I knew I wanted fuel injection so it was either the Goldwing or the Indian. I never considered a Harley, which most of my friend ride. AT the end of 2016 I found a 2016 GL1800 selling for dealer cost. That settled it and I bit the bullet and no regrets. So no matter what you end up with, I recommend the upgrade. Today I saw a new 1800 Valkyrie. I can't get it outta my head, as Fred Lynn (ELO) said.

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Re: To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild

Post by Mountain rider »

First, glad to see someone from home. Born and raised in Selah. What kind of riding do you prefer? If the feel of the wind in your hair is your thing, I'd make her like new and continue to enjoy that lovely lady. Keep in mind, parts are getting harder to find. If you're feeling like it's time to stretch your legs and see the country, an upgrade is what I'd suggest. The 1500's are the Buick Roadmaster's of the road, big, heavy, and comfortable. The problem is parts and service from the dealer has pretty much dried up. The 1800's are wonderful touring machines and are fuel injected. The really new ones are rather spendy, where as the 01 thru 17's can still be had for a decent price, with parts and service still available. I don't think you can go wrong no matter what you decide. Good luck and ride safe.

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