Favorite Chrome Polish??

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Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by N2PPN »

I know that any time I get together with a bunch of friends and we start to discuss our favorite "anything" (sports team, alcoholic beverage, female...) there are always multiple opinions and reasonings behind them...

So in this spirit of "discussion" I pose the following question:

"What is your favorite Chrome Polish"??

I encourage detailed replies including personal observations on how your favorite was able to restore an old chromed part back to a luster that hurt the eyes of all onlookers... Please do include any tips you may have developed in using your favorite (Such as using old cloth baby diapers as the application media) or if you use any power tools in performing the polishing.

I know this sounds a little silly, but since it IS Saint Patty's Day and the weather here in the NY area is over 60 degrees and expected to go to over 70 tomorrow, I thought a good springtime feel good project would be to fully polish every millimeter of chrome on my '81 GL 1100 and would like to hear from others for input on what products they use...

Happy Spring!!


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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by gogs11uk »

I use Solvol Autosol if it is chromed metal I'm cleaning. Wouldn't dream of using it on chromed plastics though as the coating on them is very thin so use Pledge instead

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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by cbx4evr »

Ditto on the Autosol.

Treid a bunch of others and never was happy with the result.

Autosol is great on the wheels too.
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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by tfdeputydawg »

Windex w/micro fiber towel.

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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by GRAPEAPE94 »

I use Never Dull. Great reasults.

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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by feaver »

GRAPEAPE94 wrote:I use Never Dull. Great reasults.
Ditto on the Never Dull. Been using it for years. Havent found anything better. Can be found at any Wally World.

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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by j.maclean »

I use stuff called "Wicked" purchased at a local truck parts store, and it works excellent! Easy to apply and easy to polish. (works well with a power ball)

http://www.wickedproducts.com/wickedsho ... Metal.html

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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by bobalooby1 »

Meguier's "Hot Rims"! If thier products are good enough for the aircraft industry, then thier GOOD enough for me. And they are.! ;)

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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by rcno33 »

I use common household tin foil and water.

I read a tip about this somewhere or other and decided to give it a shot on the pitted/rusty chrome on my 84 Aspencade. WORKS LIKE A CHARM! Pits? --Gone. Luster? --Back.

All you do is wet the chrome piece with water, rub it with the tin foil, and then wipe it with a clean wet rag. I was amazed to see that the tin foil did a great job and did not mar my chrome in any way. It looks brand-new. And you can't beat the price--just pennies to polish every chrome piece on the bike--and no chemicals to clean up afterward.

Who'da thought??

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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by RoadRogue »

On good chrome that is just dirtywith road grime I use Never-Dull and a flannel rag for a final wipe. On rusty chrome, its got to be tin foil dipped in Coke. Not sure on the science of the tin foil,but the phosphoric acid in the Coke eats rust . It works well for me.
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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by rono24 »

Steel wool and polishing compound wow what a shine and the rust is gone

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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by trike lady »

Mother's Chrome Polish for metal.
Honda's Cleaner/Polish for the rest
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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by chief771 »

Simi chrome. Comes in a yellow tube with red lettering. I used it on a bike that sat outside for years and it made an amazing shine! Doesn't take much either. Great stuff! Also works on other metals. Auto parts stores usually carry it
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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by Solina Dave »

Nevr-Dull once again. Great stuff! Available at Canadian Tire, up here in "The Great White North."

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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by dakotanator »

I used Weiman Glass Stove Top Cleaner on my '83 Aspy chrome. I wouldn't use it on plastic-chrome, but it virtually restored my "old chrome". Took almost all of the little rust pits out and shined it all up nicely.
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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by landisr »

Another vote for Semi Chrome.
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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by redbug »

landisr wrote:
Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:31 am
Another vote for Semi Chrome.
Yep Semi Chrome also.
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Re: Favorite Chrome Polish??

Post by Viking »

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a place far far away (Sturgis), an advertiser gave me a can of Ouator (pronounced 'water'). In the can was a batting, like cotton battin, with a blue coloring to it which was the compound impregnated into the batting. It is non abrasive and works like frikkin' magic. I take a small piece and rub the chrome (and it also works on plastichrome) till the blue turns dirty or black, then polish with a soft cloth. Shines like the sun. It also works real nice on smooth white metals to bring them to a chrome like luster. I have never seen it for sale since then, and that was in the mid 1980s. I can find it at Amazon.fr on google, and maybe Amazon.uk but it does not show up anywhere else. A link follows that I tried to put here will not work, but a google search finds it.

Solvol Autosol is my backup for lightly damaged chrome, and with that, I also use the tinfoil trick.

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