Tire Mileage

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Tire Mileage

Post by Solina Dave »

Ive got a '78 GL1000 with an OEM 130/90-17 rear, and a 110 (100)/90-19 front tire. I used Bridgestone Spitfire II tires for years. I have a tendency to change tires before they get really low. The last set of Spitfires got 15,920 kms./9,474 miles. I may have been able to comfortably get another 1,000 kms./600 miles. but I'm somewhat reluctant to push it. They were excellent tires.
The Spitfires no longer being available, forced me to try a different brand. For the last two changes I've installed Shinko Tourmaster tires. They handle well, and are reasonably priced, but are getting 50% less mileage than the Spitfire tires. That's not too good!
What brand and model tire are you using that fit these wheel sizes, how's performance, and high on the list, what mileage are you getting out of them? I'm interested in your comments.

Thanks..............Dave :D

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Re: Tire Mileage

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Never owned anything older than an '84

but, tire mileage is so subjective to individual use, where you live, the type of road surface, speeds you typically run at.....

I spent most of my bike riding years in the greater southwest, roads straight as an arrow most of the time, speedlimits 65 to 85 and I usually pushed those by 5 or 10 mph.

can't recall what my old Dunlops used to give me, but not as good as folks who live in the very densely populated areas with roads speeds typically 55 and lower.

for the same model bike, I would report 28-32 mpg, others would boohoo that figure and claim they NEVER got below 40 mpg.... balderdash, they did not ride beside me, under the same conditions.

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Re: Tire Mileage

Post by landisr »

Following this thread. I have 2 '76s.

Ron in AZ
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