Dunham rechargeable waterproof heated gloves

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Dunham rechargeable waterproof heated gloves

Post by thunderwing »

I'd give this product a shot. Good value and function for the money:

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Re: Dunham rechargeable waterproof heated gloves

Post by DaRamblerman »

So did you try them ? IF so how did they work?
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Re: Dunham rechargeable waterproof heated gloves

Post by julimike54 »

These are not Dunham brand, they are Duham gloves by KEMIMOTO.
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Re: Dunham rechargeable waterproof heated gloves

Post by tamathumper »

Looks like DUHAN, not Dunham or Duham...
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Re: Dunham rechargeable waterproof heated gloves

Post by MikeB »

You are right, it is Duhan and it is rechargeable. However, according to the reviewer, it can not be charged while it is in use. Or, at least it can not be plugged into the bike to be charged while you are wearing it.

They are probably great if you are not attached to a motorcycle while wearing them. However, being that I am on the motorcycle while using heated gloves, I prefer having them plugged into the motorcycle electrical system for continuous use.

I don't think the reviewer ever said how long the recharge time is. He supposedly posted the manufacturer's charge life graph somewhere but I never found it. To be honest, I really wasn't interested enough to spend the time looking for it. I like the Gerbing and California Heat gloves.

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