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Something to Think About

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Today I went on a pretty good ride since the weather was so nice. I came up on a pasture with several buffalo and one had a baby. Since the road had a nice wide paved shoulder, I decided to pull over and take a picture. I was about a quarter mile from a highway intersection ahead. I took some pictures, gave thumbs up to a rider checking if I needed help, and was getting ready to take off when I looked in my mirror and all I could see was a truck coming right toward me on the shoulder very fast. Right before he would have hit me, he swerved back onto the road then immediately swerved back onto the shoulder.
I don't know why he pulled onto the shoulder so far before the turn. There were several vehicles making the turn about the same time and they all either made the turn from the road or waited until they were much closer before getting on the shoulder. It took a few minutes for it to soak in that the truck in my mirror might have been the last thing I would see.
I will start using my hazard lights if I need to pull over from now on.

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Re: Something to Think About

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aperry wrote: Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:41 pm
I will start using my hazard lights if I need to pull over from now on.
That is a very good idea.
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