Hearing aids and intercom

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Hearing aids and intercom

Post by Dudewaha »

I am looking for an intercom system. My Girl has signia hearing aids and i have never had an intercom. Just purchased a 06 Goldwing that has the intercom but not the headsets. My 82 Wing has no wiring for this. What do all yall use and do u have hearing aids? Is wired better than bt? I dont really care if radio goes through but it would be nice. Also may want to add cb to mix some day.
Any suggestions/ help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by kwthom »

Dudewaha wrote:
Sat Mar 07, 2020 2:46 pm
Just purchased a 06 Goldwing that has the intercom but not the headsets.
Dudewaha wrote:
Sat Mar 07, 2020 2:46 pm
My 82 Wing has no wiring for this. What do all yall use and do u have hearing aids? Is wired better than bt? I dont really care if radio goes through but it would be nice. Also may want to add cb to mix some day.
Any suggestions/ help would be greatly appreciated thanks
I'm a little confused...

First part mentions the '06 Wing which does have a built-in intercom system. On this bike, wired is a lot easier and cheaper, but you *could* do BT for a $1000 or so (for Sena helmet headsets plus the Sena Freewire adapters needed for rider + passenger)

J&M made some of the first motorcycle-specific intercom systems here in North America, way back in the 1980's. So, though it is possible to add stuff to the '82, I'm not certain you're wanting to do it on that bike as well.

As far as hearing aids...a few that I know of actually don't wear the hearing aids while on the bike, using the amplification that's available from the intercom to offset the need for hearing aids. Now, can't say that's feasible in *all* cases, but it could possibly be an option.

Hope this helps a bit.
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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by AZgl1800 »

some hearing aids have BT capability, mine does.

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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by C-dub »

I have hearing aides and they are bluetooth. I do ride with them on under my helmet, but I don't prefer to do that. I currently have about 30-40% hearing loss, so I'm not too deaf yet. With the hearing aides on they pick up a bunch of road noise that I'd rather do without. I could turn on the noise filter or turn the volume down, but I figure why bother. Just take take them off.

My wife and I have Sena BT head sets and the Freewire setup for me from the bike. I have not tried using the Freewire system for my hearing aides. I have tried taking a call from my phone through my hearing aides, while riding and it doesn't work well sound wise. I'll stick with the helmet headset by Sena for sound from the bike and it also pairs with my phone that allows me to make or receive calls in my helmet. That works much better than through the hearing aides when riding. Besides, although my batteries for my hearing aides are relatively cheap from Amazon, I'd still rather not waste them on long rides and just recharge the Sena batteries in the headsets overnight for the next days ride.
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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by WingAdmin »

Most of the helmet headsets use relatively large speakers with equally large voice coils. If you switch the hearing aids to "telephone mode" where they pick up the audio signal from the magnetic field of the voice coil rather than using their microphones, it should pick up the sound from the headset speakers very well - with the added benefit that it cuts out the noise from the outside world.

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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by More Throttle »

I too wear hearing aids. I don't wear them while I am on the bike. I pulled off my helmet once and lost one of them. That was a costly mistake. I tried using a tether line between the two hearing aids so as not to loose one again. That was too much trouble for little reward. I went with a SENA set up with the Freewire. I love it. I use wired ear buds and I can filter out most road noise. That comes in handy when I am riding multiple 500 mile days. I will say that the older I get the longer it takes me to get all of my Old Guy gear off (and back on) each time I stop. Rain gear over the usual stuff makes it worse. :D

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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by WingNero »

Honestly, noise reduction is something the industry has not sufficiently addressed, and hearing aid users are also left out. I use open dome HA, and my bike has lots of road noise and the intercom has lots of noise of it own... so I take off hearing aids and use ear plugs. But that makes it hard to hear the intercom, and if I turn the intercom louder, I just get more background noise. Sigh.
So, I just recently had Sierra Electronics make me a modified icom plug so I can use wired ear buds and still use the helmet microphone... this way, I hope, I can hear the icom with the ear buds at a lower volume that eliminates road and wind noise. I’ll be testing it the next nice day I ride with the wife. I have both the plugphone ear plugs and Bose active noise canceling ear buds I use when flying.
I don’t understand why helmet or headset manufacturers have not addressed this. All riders need hearing protection. I have heard mixed statements about whether Bluetooth headsets have active noise cancellation... most say not, some say it’s there.... and I can’t test it without buying it first.

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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by udp1024 »

I use custom moulded, ITC (in the canal) hearing aids which sit in the ear canal like ear-plugs and not behind the ear. My previous hearing aid fit was not very good so the aid would whistle annoyingly when I put on the helmet as the microphones got covered by the helmet liner. The new ones are much tighter fit so do not whistle.

In the helmet, I have a generic blue-tooth communicator. I got the one designed for open face helmets because it has significant noise reduction capability. The intercom pairs with the one in my wife's helmet and with my phone. We can chat and listen to music while riding and also receive phone calls. Her cell phone is paired with her helmet. My cell phone is also used for navigation and pairs with my helmet.

All in all, the setup works but I am not sure how it would work for BTE (behind the ear) type of hearing aids. As "More Throttle" said, I would be worried about losing the aids when taking off or putting on the helmet.

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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by FirstWing1982 »

I have had hearing aids for the last 8 years and use a full face helmet. I agree with many of the previous comments. With the helmet and eyeglasses I have had issues with the aid getting caught when the helmet is removed. Loosing an aid is very expensive. We have to remember that an aid amplifies the noise and new ones don't necessarily block the ear canal. This may leave room for more wind noise may also be amplified even with a proper fitting helmet. Easier and cheaper to remove them and wear ear plugs if you value your hearing. We have Sena units on our helmets which provide all the extra Bluetooth and communication we want for our rides. I still (after 55 years with a mc licence) enjoy just the bike and road noise without any other distractions......just a simple guy with my two cents for what it's worth.

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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by garwil »

I have been wearing hearing aids for some years now. They are Phonic - behind the ear.
I do not wear them under my helmet for two reasons. First, the helmet pressure pinches the unit between my ear and head and it starts to hurt within 30 minutes. Second, they pick up a lot of road noise that I would rather not hear.

We have a 99 Goldwing with intercom, and we have wired helmets, but we have stopped using the wired helmets in favor of BT.
The wired helmets always have the background hiss, and we have to be careful not to get tangled. The BT allows us freedom of movement, and there is no background noise. In addition, the BT can be used on any of the bikes I have, so we are not switching helmets depending on what we ride.
I use u-clear BT intercome that communicates with my wife, phone and Garmin. I am able to hear just fine. I like not having a microphone boom, and the sound pickup is wonderful. We seldom listen to the radio, but if I want to, I use Iheartradio.com from my smart phone. I also have listened to audio books streamed through my smart phone on long cross country rides on the interstate.

I did have an interesting experience a few months back when I left my hearing aids in for a short run to the store. I could hear a very bad squealing noise that turned out to be a bad speedo pickup gear on the front wheel. Without my hearing aids in, I could not hear that sound at all. So I sometimes make a short run with my hearing aids in just to listen to the bike.

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Re: Hearing aids and intercom

Post by yellowbike »

I have hearing aids and I do not wear them when I am out on the bike helmet pressure along with eye glasses makes them very uncomfortable.

Dudewawa my recommendation is simple either purchase new wired headsets for your helmets or search around for someone that has gone to Bluetooth and has some headsets laying around that they would like to sell. I believe the function of your 2006 GL is wired based easiest and most economical means and everything should work seamlessly. See if you can find someone that has wired helmets and ask them to plug into your bike and give it a test for operation intercom radio cb if you have one. Good Luck and enjoy

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