How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Riding?

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Re: How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Riding?

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I also work in the Tech industry, and I've done telecommuting before. But with my current job it was awkward because of the specialized equipment that I need. However when they sent us home in early March they set it up for us to work remotely and I was able to bring all my equipment home. Now other than to pick up newer versions of the hardware that I work on, I haven't been back. Word is that it will be at least October before I'm even allowed back into the building, and even then it will probably be mostly just to pick up new boards to work on. I'll probably be working from home until I fully retire in a couple years.

When this all started there was a meme floating around that basically said that you know you have social problems if the world goes into quarantine and your life doesn't really change. I would amend that to say that you know you really have social issues when the world goes into quarantine and your life improves because you don't have to deal with the a&@*#&# any more.

My wife loves having me around more, but she's also pretty good at leaving me alone most of the time so that I can get the work done that I need to. We have been able to get a few short trips in on the bike, but I think my overall mileage is going to be pretty low. It was kind of hard to take longer trips when we couldn't count on being able to get lunch along the way. And since I'm not riding in to work I'm just not getting the miles in.

On the other hand it looks like our trip to Colorado in a couple weeks is on, so that will give us about 2500 miles (plus any side trips that we can work in). We may end up eating in our hotel rooms, but overall it will still be a good trip. Any trip on the bike is better then working, even if it is working from home.


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