What's the strangest thing you've hit?

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What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by mberk01 »

This isn't intended to be a bragging post. It's more to chronical close encounters and "Holy Crap" moments. I once hit a chicken. I was on rural 2-lane and topped a hill at about 45 MPH. The chicken was in the process of crossing the road. (I never learned the reason why.) It was the ditch or the chicken, so I chose the chicken. I hit it square so from the seat of my GL1500 it felt like an ordinary bump in the road. I looked in my mirror and the chicken was lying there. There were feathers everywhere.

Another time I made the mistake of believing my GPS instead of trusting my instincts. Instead of leading me straight to the intersection of two U.S. Highways, the GPS led me on a detour through a run down residential neighborhood. As I topped the hill at about 25 MPH there were three pit bulls laying in the middle of the road. There wasn't time to make a 180 degree turn, they would have been on me in no time. So I just headed down the center of the road and gunned it. Two of them moved to the side but the third one wanted a piece of me. He chomped down on my cowboy boot and pulled my foot off the foot peg. We drove along for about 30 yards like this, until he finally let go. I wasn't hurt, but my boot was never the same.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by tamathumper »


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Joe in SD
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by Joe in SD »

The only thing I have hit (so far) while on a Goldwing was a deer. I hit it when I was going between 75 and 80 on the interstate. Deer was cut in half, bike was totaled, I didn’t get a scratch. Two days later I purchased another Goldwing 1500. (It had been posted on this forum’s for sale section). Ride safe, Joe

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by Qubert »

I was on a CB750 when riding at night on a country road. I came up over a hill at about 50mph when I spotted a big fat raccoon crossing the road. I had no time to maneuver (probably a good thing!) and I hit him square on. I was shocked that it felt like a pretty minor bump in the road to me. I don't think the raccoon felt it the same way...

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by minimac »

Last year while running down a two lane highway in traffic, an approximately 10" chunk of a 4" I beam fell off of a truck. Because of the traffic in both lanes, I couldn't take evasive action until it was too late. I ran over it and it popped up striking the front of my GL1500s engine. It immediately dumped the engine oil, giving me a real thrill ride-and pucker moment- as the rear end slid in the oil. I safely got slowed and to the shoulder. Thankfully I carry full coverage and it was covered under my comprehensive. The adjuster decided the engine would need to be replaced after examining the hole and cracks in that part of the motor. As a result, I got paid for a totaled bike after we agreed on a price and I bought it back for stupid cheap money. They told me the title would remain 'clean'. I didn't know if I would attempt an engine change or part the bike out. I then noticed it appeared that the damage was all confined to the very front of the motor, and it looked as though that section was a separate piece. I found a matching piece at a motorcycle dismantler, bought it for $25, and replaced it and a new gasket. It fixed it, and the bike runs and drives as well as before! It's re-registered, insured, and being ridden almost daily, with no ill effects.
Years ago, I had a Suzuki Cavalcade and hit a seagull at 45mph on my way to work. Thankfully, the front fairing was a three piece unit and I only damaged the left side. The gull knocked a cantaloupe sized hole in the fairing and "whitewashed"(if you catch my drift) me and the whole side of the bike. Good thing I had a change of clothes and showers at work! I found the side of the fairing I needed-even in the right color- and in a few days was back in business.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by dingdong »

It hit me I didn't hit it but my strangest collision was with a low flying pheasant. I was on my 76. As in spoke wheels. The critter flew right into my front wheel. A cloud of feathers, blood and ground bird parts everywhere. No actual damage but I had to take the bike to the car wash to remove all of the ground up bird.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by pocketchange »

Seems like birds are popular.. and a ladder, finally convinced me tooling thru Houston traffic could be painful.
The scariest experience was going thru a spill of diesel fuel and having to dirt track for what seemed like an eternity. This was on 610 in Houston after coming into town down 290 going South. I had to sit down to recover from
what seemed like an a bad dream. pc

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by 89 1500 »

Caught a roadrunner at about 80 on my barhopper sporty I finished building some years back. I saw'em chasing something on the side of the road and thought surely not and then the crazy bird saw me and tried to fly. Caught me in the left shoulder and almost took me off of that little seat. Took an owl in the right part of a full face helmet when I was a kid. Running backroads at night on my KZ900 about a mile from home the damn thing was head high mid turn when we connected at about 60. Snapped my neck back and pulled open the visor part way. Had a sore neck for about a week and stopped dorking around on backroads at night.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by C-dub »

On my Hayabusa one day coming home from work I hit one of those large ratchets from a semi-flatbed trailer. I would not have hit it as it was on the stripes between the lanes except that I was changing lanes and could not see the obstacle due to the vehicle in front of me that I was changing lanes to go around. Suddenly there it was as I was leaning to make the change. Bam!

I kept trying to peer over the front to see if I still had a tire. It didn't feel any different and there was moderately heavy traffic so I kept going another 15 miles or so to home. When I got home and got off to open the garage door the tire then went flat. IIRC, there was a gash a couple inches long that for some reason did not leak air while I was moving. I don't have any other explanation and don't recall whether or not I had to stop at any of the intersections I had to go through once getting off the highway. I must have caught all 3-4 of the green lights that day. Anyway, I did have to put it in my truck to get it to the dealer to get a new tire put on.
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by offcenter »

Years ago on a BMW I was riding, I hit a brick laying in the middle of the road.
Bent both wheel rims.
George in Jersey.
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by OL_ROAD_DAWG »

We were heading up the Oregon coast,decided to get away from all the tourists so we took a lazy looking side road,well that road took us down along the ocean where there must a been a crab migration,or something else going on .It looked like someone else went thru there before us there were crab legs,bodies and want ever else a crab has lying around and on top of those body parts was a flock of seagulls. We hit that wall of seagulls at around 50 miles an hour and got a few crabs I'm sure. Came out of that with a cracked left mirror.
That was a first for me.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by jcn59 »

I was on a country road years ago riding my 750 Honda as fast as I could and a hen pheasant collided with the cylinders & squirted eggs on the motor. Didn't disrupt the bike; felt like a small "bump". I've hit worse "potholes" in the spring.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by Alan_Hepburn »

Back when I was in the Army, after a hard weekend of drinking, some of my buddies would often say "I'd hit that..." while looking at some very strange things...
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by dirtwinger »

Back in the early '70s while riding my new Honda 350 on a country road and going to work at about 35mph, I managed to encounter a bee traveling in the same direction. I was not wearing a jacket during the hot summer, and the stinger of the bee hit me at chest level...ow, ow, ow...instant pain! Upon strip down inspection after arrival at work, a welt about the diameter of my fist was quite apparent and throbbing. Should have been wearing my jacket instead of having it strapped to the seat. Bet that bee never knew what hit him from behind.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by bigsteveswing »

Alan_Hepburn wrote:
Sat May 16, 2020 12:05 pm
Back when I was in the Army, after a hard weekend of drinking, some of my buddies would often say "I'd hit that..." while looking at some very strange things...
:lol: :lol: Been there :?
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by WingAdmin »

I've had bees and other large insects hit my hands hard enough to really hurt. The only other thing I've hit was on my 1100, on a back road near home. At about 50 mph, out of the corner of my eye I saw a bird swooping in from the right. I hit him with my windshield, and there was an explosion of dust and feathers all around me. I looked in my mirrors and saw feathers floating down behind me. There was some dust and a small mark left on my windshield where he impacted.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by DenverWinger »

There's nothing quite like a bike with no windshield (My old CL-350) at highway speeds, and a Junebug hitting you in the neck in the soft spot above the collarbone. Oww! :shock:

I also bounced a bird off the top of my helmet riding that bike, I saw him in the mirror flopping in the road...
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by OL_ROAD_DAWG »

Here's another one of those strange hits from the back roads of this beautiful land. We were heading to our family reunion that takes place every year in June over around Carson City Nevada. We went thru Cedarville going the back way thru Black Rock Desert,past Pyramid Lake. We stopped at Brunos',which is around Gerlach Nevada, a small casino,pub and a place to get something to eat. Then on our way again around 6 PM and with the sun on it's way we were just taking in the scenery,as I came up over a rise at about 70 mph all I could see was what I thought was horse turds , looked like at least 1/4 mile. Of course I slowed down to see what these were. Turned out to be Mormon Crickets. These crickets are like 3 inches of bug. And thousands of them on a wide open road. I smashed my share of them. Turned out to be a nice ride after that. Went back thru McCloud,and past Shasta on the way home

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by hondapotamus »

I was on a weekend Men's Fellowship ride and going through some back roads cut out of the forest (read limited sight-lines). I was leading and pushing it as I usually do.

Came around a left turn curve and low and behold three very large Turkeys were crossing the road (while they were not chickens, I too, have no idea why).

They were crossing left to right and were split 2 birds, about a yard space and then the last one. No time to swerve (and not a great place to swerve given the risk of overreaction putting me in the woods).

So.... I decided to run the gauntlet and go between the two on the right and the one on the left. I nailed the split perfectly.... unfortunately the second of the 2 on the right turned to take a look at what was coming. My highway peg nailed it in the head and spun it around. He'll have a massive headache but all three survived based on a peek in the mirror.

That little escapade caused me to slow down - and a good thing at that because 3 curves later there was a flock of Turkeys (about 20) crossing the road. By the time I got to them they had mostly crossed the road and so a moderate lane position change allowed me to go by without incident.. had I not slowed I would have arrived sooner and would have had a difficult decision to make - which one to take out.

It was a fun story at dinner and everyone, including the Turkeys (you choose between the birds or the riders in that reference), made it home safely
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by Ed Brock »

At the time I thought it was a vulture. Now, not sure, it was VERY big, it had a huge wing span. I was on a back road in Oregon on my 1980 GS1000 G. I was doing about 65mph. I saw the bird dive down and land in the road a few feet in front of my bike. The bird then it seemed to say "oh !@#$, I had better get out of here". So off he went, toward me. I ducked behind the windshield and it hit glanced off the windshield and my helmet. It left a skid mark (grease only) on the entire windshield. When I stopped for gas, and a change of underwear, the attendant asked how I got that strange mark on the shield and would I like to clean it off.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by kwthom »


Several of them.

It was in a rally ride in Nevada. I was warned about this area where there might be one or two laying in the middle of the road - before sunrise.

With over 10,000 lumens of light, it was quite easy to see as far as I dared to as I began to cross this valley, just an hour into my very long ride this day. Obviously, the light, then the noise startled those that were along the side of the road. Some would dart away, but some would dart toward me.

Recalling one of those sage pieces of riding advice "Never swerve to avoid an animal dog-size or smaller. Relax, and adjust as necessary after the strike".

I think I tagged four or five, while I was close to what seemed to be an equal number of them. :shock:

Nearly twenty hours later, the cows that decided to sleep in the middle of the road was another pucker moment.

"The white fog lines are still there, but where did the yellow line go? Oh, s*** - they're laying on them!!" :lol:
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by Fiberthree »

I was traveling about 40mph on a six lane boulevard on my way to work. As I approached a small rise spanning a storm drain I could see about five seagulls trying to scavenge a meal from something in the lane on my right. Four of the five took flight when they spotted me but the last one just had to get one more beakfull of breakfast before making it's escape. Had it stayed where it was everything would have been fine. Instead it went the opposite direction from the flock and I caught it across the windshield. It bounced off into the next lane where it attempted to recover and continue upwards. Unfortunately a car in that lane flattened it. I had the powdery impact mark for a souvenir.
Another "I've just bought the farm" moment was on an S shaped freeway on ramp early one morning. I'm accelerating to get up to freeway speed through the first turn when I spotted something that didn't look normal. Right in the apex of the next turn was the upside down hood of a car, taking up all of the road. First mental picture was of me and my Wing sledding into a wall. I don't know why, but the hood didn't move when I hit that spot. Still, it was enough to to give you an adrenaline headache.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by brettchallenger »

I must average three pheasants a year - the most stupid animals in the kingdom. Not managed a deer yet in spite of them leaping out of bushes at me with regular monotony.
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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by AZgl1800 »

brettchallenger wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 4:59 pm
I must average three pheasants a year - the most stupid animals in the kingdom. Not managed a deer yet in spite of them leaping out of bushes at me with regular monotony.
Went to Tulsa, OK today, and on the return trip via US-169 just north of Collinsville, OK
there was this huge massive red clump in the middle of the two lanes Northbound....

I swung over to the right next to the berm to miss that gory mess....
was big enough for a deer, or a very large dog.

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Re: What's the strangest thing you've hit?

Post by FM-USA »

1970s Honda 500-4 I made a thick acrylic windshield, stove softened it for the curve and mounted to the handlebars.
Out on a night ride doing 50-ish and this crow decides my headlight needed attacking. No idea how fast he was cruising but he swooped up at the last moment and banged off the shield. Shield bent back touching my brow line, flexed forward and snapped. That piece went over my head by a foot, yes I ducked.

5 years ago scoot'n up this hill and just at the top this sparrow(?) chased by a small hawk and it flies down in front of me and hits between the top of the forks.
You remember about 10 years ago Randy Johnson pitching and hits a passing bird? Yup, looked just like that.. POOF feathers all over.



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