Custom part machineist or shop needed for goldwing gl1200

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Custom part machineist or shop needed for goldwing gl1200

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Hi All,
I have been asking around locally by me but am getting no where
For my poor boy Crank bolt I need this thing to be custom-made to the way I'm thinking I want to do this

I am thinking I would like a shoulder bolt that the threading on the end is 28 mm long which is the maximum that will fit in the crankshaft . It is an M 12 by 1.25 pitch, the bolt itself I have not calculated yet the total length but under the bolts head I want spleen teeth on that and then I need a 3 inch or 3 and 1/4 inch 3 rib pulley that has spleen teeth in the center hole so that I can slide this onto the Bolt and lock it into the spleen teeth on the bolt under the head and maybe have a little niche as a secondary on the bolt so i could screw in a tiny allen wrench screw into that niche as a secondary locking mechanism because this will then turn on the crankshaft which turns the belt which will turn the alternator for the poor boy set up that I'm trying to do. so my question is I am trying to find a place in America that could make such a thing whether be a private machinist or a shop because it seems like everybody's telling me I can have custom parts made but nobody around my area knows where and I called up different motorcycle places and car places and most of the car places won't even touch me because it's not worth their time and the motor cycle places do not make parys custom,
so can anybody out here in Goldwingdoc land give me a suggestion


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