DUNLOP Elite 4 tires millage

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DUNLOP Elite 4 tires millage

Post by gford »

Just for reference, I just changed out my elite 4 tires and got 18000 miles (28000 KLM here in canada) out of them. The front tire had no cupping at all. The only issue with the tires is a droning sound that can be heard from behind on certain surfaces. Its behind so I can't hear it, that's my friends problem LOL.

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Re: DUNLOP Elite 4 tires millage

Post by mterraci »

Got 20,000 miles out of my last set of E4's; put another set of E4's on the bike. Very happy with them.
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Re: DUNLOP Elite 4 tires millage

Post by keithg64 »

I had 24k on my last set of E4 and it had very little cupping but it was loud over time. My wife said it sounds like a helicopter was above us.

My last set was avon's, not a bad tire but the rear was used up at 17k miles so replaced both with a set of E4s again. I like the dunlops. Always have.
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Re: DUNLOP Elite 4 tires millage

Post by PastoT »

I've been getting about 17k out of my E-4s, I run them at their sidewall max pressure and stave off feathering and cupping til somewhere between 12-15k miles. I do tow a trailer and sometimes ride 2 up in the hot dessert and that definitely impacts tire wear. I end up changing my rubber out incident to a planned long trip, so for convenience I usually retire them with a thousand or two miles still available. The back tire feathers enough to sing in the turns around 15k for me. If you run them low on air pressure they do cup and feather quickly; usually I can reverse the front tire cupping by returning the 2-3 pounds that missing. Their run-flat properties have saved my fanny twice now, so I'm unlikely to change my choice of tires.

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