roadside breakdown warning

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roadside breakdown warning

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This is just a heads up in case some folks have not thought about it.
So it's 3am, just about the coldest night of the year on I-85 North of Charlotte NC. Also just about the darkest stretch on the whole road.
I am on my way back from Atlanta GA and the generator fails. The battery finally gives up, and I am stuck on the side of the road, cold, and in a very dark place.
NO PROBLEMO I had the foresight to get the good AAA Roadside assistance coverage that will come get my extra large self, and my 1988 1500 Goldwing.
So I call AAA, give the the mile marker I am near. I am a Truck Driver so I am always more or less conscious of what Mile Marker I am at. The nice lady Says the truck will be there in an hour, AND I remind her I will need a ROOLBACK, and not regular Wrecker truck because I am on a extra large motorcycle. I am pretty sure I have covered all the bases, nothing to do but wait and try to be visible.
The nice Wrecker Driver arrives in a very new, modern, and clean flatbed just like I hoped for.
We then find out the nice man, who was very experienced, had never loaded a motorcycle that was not a crumpled, twisted mess he could just drag onto the truck and go.
I explained how to hook the cable to a spot that would not damage the bike in order to winch the Big Banana (it's VERY yellow), and we then find out he only has CHAINS for hooking things!!!!
I did some extra clothes out of the bags to wrap the areas where the chains go, and I end up walking WITH the bike as he winches the bike forward and up onto the tilted flatbed. That is a little awkward but it works.
THEN, we find out that he has NOTHING on his very pretty Rollback truck to secure the Big Banana to the truck!!!!!!!!
Luckily, I always carry a dedicated set of tiedown straps in the bottom of my bags. And thankfully they are long ones, because the only place to hook them on the truck were the side rails which are 8 feet apart and harder to reach than say on a small trailer.
I had 4 that night, but now carry 6 because when the straps are splayed out at the angle they have to be in that situation they are not as stable as you might want. As a Trucker, with me and Load Securement....MORE IS BETTER.
Sooooo.....all that for a heads up that the Tow Truck may not have the knowledge, or the proper gear to get you prize Ride home safely.
Next visible is your bike when you are broken down on the side of the road at midnight?

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Re: roadside breakdown warning

Post by AZgl1800 »

Know about some of that.

We were moving from Arizona to Oklahoma, I am pulling a 34' Avion Triple Axle TT behind my 1 ton Dodge Diesel dually.

Hear a tire blow out, called Good Sam, who called a guy to bring us a spare tire.
The service truck arrives, tells me that "we can't find a tire your size, so what now?"

so why did he drive out to me at all???

I say "okay, let's dig out the spare in the back of the TT, and you put that on"
Well, I didn't check that spare before we left, it is down to about 10 psi.

so, I tell the guy fire up your compressor and let's get it on.

He says " we don't have air compressors on our trucks " :o
me: " so why the hell are you claiming to be a Roadside Service business then?"

Then I dig out my big heavy 12 volt air compressor that I always carried for the dually tires, and clamp that onto his truck's battery..... get the tire up, and off I go.....

Good Sam calls me back to verify the vendor got there, when I explain what happened, she said "thanks, we are taking that business off of our list".

Oh, I forgot to mention that the jack he had with him? it would not lift the trailer up, I had to get out my 3 ton floor jack for the job.

'02 GL1800
2009 Piaggio MP3 250cc
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Re: roadside breakdown warning

Post by Rambozo »

So AAA sent you an observer. ;)
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Re: roadside breakdown warning

Post by Viking »

Rambozo wrote: Wed Feb 03, 2021 2:42 am So AAA sent you an observer. ;)
Yeah, isn't that precious.

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