Price of parts/ add ons

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muddy 456
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Price of parts/ add ons

Post by muddy 456 »

I know I want good quality parts for my bike, but it gets to me 20 $ for an oil filter. I was at a dealer ,My son was looking for a bike, so I picked up a filter. Is the mark up so much that the dealers make so much money. I would love to add on to my bike, but the price just drives me away. Also looking for motorcycles on the internet , yes price matters. When I find one I like and its at a dealer I want to look at it. This was a two hour + drive, I called first found out a 400 $ service fee not in the price. That was the deal breaker for me, I won't go that far when the price I see is not the price I would pay. Is anyone with me on this? Am I wrong should I just pay and not complain?

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Re: Price of parts/ add ons

Post by blupupher »

You are not alone. The listed price should be just that, the price.
I can understand TT&L not being included, but "dealer fees" and "service charges" added later are just wrong and deceptive practice. I won't pay for them in the auto world, and won't pay them in the motorcycle world either.
Same for parts, why should I spend $20 on a part at the local dealer when I can get the exact same thing online delivered to my door in 1 or 2 days for 1/4 the price?
I want to support local, but they just price themselves out of it sometimes.
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Re: Price of parts/ add ons

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I go to NAPA and get this one, hell of a lot cheaper, and it is made by WIX, who manufactures the majority of all oil filters for other labels.

NAPA Gold 1358 this is the longer one.
Diameter is the same, the flats are the same, can use the same filter wrench tool.

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Re: Price of parts/ add ons

Post by Pam »

I don't get it either. Walked onto a Canadian Tire store and asked for a filter for my wing. Counter guy says Ile 26 and gives me the part number. Walk over to Ile 26 huge price. Back to the parts counter ask for a filter for a brigs and Stratton auger motor. (Farm application) Same filter 1/3 the price

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