Adding extra lighting (fog lights) to your GL1100

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Adding extra lighting (fog lights) to your GL1100

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I decided to add extra lighting to my '82 GL1100 to see better at night and have a better chance of being seen.
These LED lights are sold on Amazon as "Taben Motorcycle Fog Light" and I ordered them to blend in to the chrome finish on the engine and crash bars where I wanted them installed. They're not really fog lights although that's how they are described but they do offer great lighting.

They come with a switch which can easily be mounted on the handlebars and have three modes when you toggle them off and back on again - High, Low and strobe.

To attach them, I used a pair of mountain bike stem risers in a brushed aluminum finish and added a short length of stainless steel bar. the diameter of the tubing on the crash bar of my '82 GL1100 is about 1/8" smaller than is needed so I had to shim with a piece of rubber wrapped in aluminum tape to to fit tightly. Using this attachment setup, I'm able to adjust the two lights perfectly and exactly on the X and Y axis.

I wired them to the accessory terminals at the fuse box with an inline fuse holder and a 5A fuse for added safety.

Now I can ride down the darkest of roads at night and see VERY Clearly. I made sure to aim them low enough not to blind oncoming traffic. I feel that I'm quite a bit more visible to traffic at all times.

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