Project Terrier Carrier! Do I dare?

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Quick Cal
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Project Terrier Carrier! Do I dare?

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So I have a small miniature rat terrier, Wilton. He weighs 14 pounds. I would love to take him on my 1500. Load up and go camping even. I've seen the pet carriers made for this but they are very pricey, no real security, and with no guarantee he would even get in one. That would be a big waste of money.

I was sitting on a stool working on the bike with the saddle bag open. He kept jumping up on my lap and wanted to see what was in there. So I thought just for fun I'll see if I could get him in the saddle bag. He didn't mind at all. So I brain stormed for awhile trying to figure out how to remove the door and put some kind of wire cage on it. Then it dawned on me. Why not just get a replacement door and keep it functional. I could just cut the face out of it and put some kind of grate over it. It would be very protective, and I could lock him in and not worry as much about someone stealing him. I could even come up with some kind of rain cover. I thought this project was a great idea.

Then dread came over me. I thought it might get too hot in there for him if we weren't moving. Or maybe exhaust fumes. Maybe I could put a fan in there. Wait. An air conditioner,,,,lol. Ok. I'm getting carried away. Might have to scrape the whole idea.

IDK. What's your guys thoughts on this.

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Re: Project Terrier Carrier! Do I dare?

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I have some friends who take their dog with them on their 1800. here is the FB page they created. they do it with a top case. you might take a look and see how you think this would work for you.
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Re: Project Terrier Carrier! Do I dare?

Post by Rambozo »

As long as you are not stationary for long periods. I would like to see some flow through ventilation. Either vents in the front and back edges of the lid, or some kind of scoop for the leading edge of your side grate. Or as you said a small fan would do the job, but take up room.
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