Managing “Down Time”

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Managing “Down Time”

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Bear with me as I do some reflection:

Is it just me, or am I just a member of the choir when I think that WE all hate separation time from our Wings? Made worse when it is, us mere humans, who have the privilege of owning and being allowed to ride them to our hearts content can’t because we’ve been sidelined.

In Jan, I discovered I needed a great medical team and a great therapist on MY SIDE. Within my left hand, I got a great medical team, and under the control of my right wrist, I have my 93 GL1500 therapist. GrapeVine never got winterized, only the riding gear did. The Philly area isn’t as harsh as Ohio, but there are some days where only the 94 Ranger will do.

As this new year came into focus, health matters became a primary focus. Not too distracting, but very time consuming. It affected my work, my enjoyment of simpler things, but by sheer willpower, not my enjoyment of riding for the sake of riding.

Conowingo Dam, Christmas season

I rode often, I rode safely, I rode in solitude, I rode while training another return rider (not a Winger). I hired a kid to mow my yard so I could ride instead. Riding Time became a valuable commodity that I could purchase. I was closing the distance of the inevitable calendar, major surgery was carved as though it were the XII Commandment (XI being ATGATT). I was cautioned that I’d be off the MC for a while as I recovered. I was gonna have my a$$ kicked for a while.

My daughter arrives on Friday for a while to help after Monday. Saturday is my nieces 2021 wedding reception (Postposed, of course) ride in the morning for a while, then dining and dancing. Sunday is Fathers Day and my daughter tells me her present to me is for me to grab my wife’s riding gear, she’s going riding as
My passenger for the day. Her first MC ride!

An Awesome Fathers Day gift.

Five hours, Sixty three miles of treasured times that can never be recaptured. My spirits are at SR-71 levels. I tuck my Grapevine into the garage and thank her profoundly for all that she’s done for me for the last several months.
(Pardon me while I check my eyeball wiper fluid level) I whisper that she’ll be here, safe from the weather and critters for a while, that I had to turn my care over to someone else’s hands for a while.

Monday was a blur. It’s 08:30, time to do math. Count backwards from 30:
29, 28, 27 😴

Hello 20:30! Where did you come from.
Man, I’m sore! Is this what a carburetor feels like? Hoses, fluids, wires, and monitoring electronics. My wife whispers to me that I was riding the bed like a GoldWing leaving the surgical suite 🤣

Visiting hours are for the healthy to visit their loved ones. Not for the loves
Ones to visit the missing ones. While I like balloons, I don’t necessarily need them, but my wife, that’s a whole ‘mother story! Any reason to buy balloons is as good as any reason to ride a GoldWing.

Ballooned Wing
Ballooned Wing

Ballooned Wing

10 days post surgery and I’m finally home. No NOTHING for me for a while. Rest and recovery are the orders for the time being. My daughter parks the car alongside the garage where my wife has already opened the door so I could check in with my third love. It’s been 11 days since she had the throttle tickled. I fire her up to hear her purr next to me. The women of my life are smiling at us. They both know that we’ve missed each other. (Wiper fluid ✔️)

I promised GrapeVine that I’d wash her a soon as I could, that I needed some strength back. I found it last week. It too some energy to rock her off the center stand. But she really like her wash and getting prettied back up after working so hard over the past few months.

It was when I was putting her away when she carefully reminded me that she was still in charge of our relationship. I committed the Cardinal sin of stopping on the threshold with the handlebar turned. 30, 29, 28 😴. DAMNNIT🤬🤬🤬🤬. My ego hurts more that my surgical wounds.

The necessary strength to right my fallen girl eludes me. I humbly knock on a neighbors doors. He sees my predicament and I explain the righting technique and up she comes. We sit on the wash buckets and talk for a while.
We collectively and rightly agree that it’s gonna be a bit before GrapeVine sees the road again.

So now here I am, almost a month post surgery, my strength and appetite are slowly returning, and now I have to go dog sit for my step son for a week. The GoldWing readiness meter has not yet registered “READY” and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna violated that marker. I won’t risk myself, my wife, my daughter nor anything else just to get a fix of a ride. I’ll twist her throttle and let her purr on the garage to our head content, but I can’t let her out to roam just yet. My girl misses the road, and I missing being on her as she take me wandering around. We’ll be back soon.

Thanks for letting share this.
We’ll see you on the road when we’re recovered.

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Re: Managing “Down Time”

Post by offcenter »

Great post.
For me, there is nothing like wind therapy!
George in Jersey.
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Re: Managing “Down Time”

Post by GrapeVine »

Today was the day!!!
Last weekend was the warmup for todays main event. Last weekend, the Head Coach for our group asked for and receive my help where I got to ‘play the role’ of new student rider for the class of new Rider Coach Candidates.
I drove the AC equipped Escape to the range with my gear and a well stocked cooler (forecast>94°F both days). I got there earlier than the candidates and took a few different training motorcycles around the range and shook off my cob webs and activated the chilled muscle memory.
Today was all about the Wing and I and getting back to basics and enjoying riding again. I Got up early to reinstall a dead accent light that I had uninstalled previously. That took some time, but back together it went, and the roadways called us to join the post morning rush hour pace.
Off we went, taking in our familiar surroundings that I had been longing to see from behind the handlebars instead of the steering wheel. The world was returning to my normal. Oh how I have missed the ride. Our first stop was the nearby church parking lot to rework the basic drills and to remind me of how big and powerful she was. Turns from stop, U-turns, Brake and escape, Quick stop, lane change, all that kind of stuff. We’re both reunited and and are on the same page. We head to the exit, and are greeted by an empty road. An unencumbered left turn takes us towards our first traffic light which welcomed us into the intersection with the green arrow we had hoped for, and the opposing direction roadway closed for construction!
The rest of our 3 hour, 64 mile, multi stop outing happened pretty much to same way. The lights seemed to be in our favor, the traffic was moving well, as it tends to be mid day. The overcast shielded me from the heat of the sun, but the humidity reminded me the having multiple choices for riding gear was a good investment.
When I finally got her back into the garage and thanked her for a FANTASTIC DAY of therapy, it dawned on me that she was probably missing the therapy that I gave her just as much.
Tomorrow, it’s time to shake off the teaching rust and be the extra instructor. Looking forward to it 🏍💪😁
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