How long ?

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How long ?

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How long have you guys owned GW's?

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Re: How long ?

Post by DenverWinger »

Twenty years of Goldwings.

Bought my first Goldwing, a '77 GL1000 for $100 in 2002 from a friend who had acquired it from who knows where.... It started and ran, and I drove it five blocks home. Had about 55K miles on it. But this was clearly a project bike.

Ugliest bike I had ever seen! It had a Vetter fairing that had been shabbily spray-painted in "Rattle-Can" bright red, with those little brassy-looking stick-on letters you can buy from the hardware store to put on your mailbox to spell your name or street address in big letters saying "GOLDWING" on both sides of the fairing. All the body parts were rattle-can red! Had the original spoke wheels with the chrome wheel and all the spokes spray-painted in "rattle-can" sparkly gold like you might use in Christmas decorations. All the chrome on the bike was rattle-can gold!

The Samsonite luggage and trunk were totally shot, and also rattle-can red. That stuff was the first to go.

Removed probably 20 miles of non-stock "short-circuit-waiting-to-happen" wiring, most of it didn't go anywhere, fortunately the bike wiring harness wasn't too badly hacked.

I replaced the red spray-painted Vetter fairing with the one I had on my '78 Suzuki GS-550 at the time.

Mechanically, the bike was actually in pretty good shape. Tires, points, plugs, fresh oil and antifreeze, set of brake pads and good to go! This before I was aware of potential timing belt issues, but thankfully no trouble with the probably original belts.

I spent weeks with paint stripper and green "Scotchbrite" scrubby pads stripping all that gold paint off the chrome. I think doing the wheels with all those spokes was the worst part. I had a buddy of mine repaint all the body parts.

I wish I had pictures of what it looked like when I bought it, but had no camera at the time. But here's how she looked in 2006 when I sold her.

I moved to this house in 2004, there was no garage, but I built an 8'x8' shed which was big enough to fit both the 'Wing and the Suzuki.

In '05 I sold the Suzuki and bought the non-running '80 GL1100 as a "parts" mobile. Engine hadn't run in years, and the half tank of gunk that used to be fuel was probably 10 yrs old, at least!

But the 1100 came with a complete Vetter luggage set and that is what I wanted to put on my nice '77 GL1000. Trouble is, the mount points on the 1000 were off a half inch here and an inch there, so the Vetter set from the 1100 on the 1000 was not an option.

So I decided to see if the 1100 was worth fixing. I ran a hose from the fuel pump to a gallon can of gas, borrowed the battery from the 1000 and in about 15 mins, the 1100 was running, quite badly, but running nonetheless. So I went about getting it fixed up, but that's another story. By late summer of 2005 I had it running good.

The 8x8 shed was big enough to fit the Suzuki and the '77 wing, but there was no way I could get both 'Wings in there, so one of them had to sit out in the weather. So Summer of '06 I had decided the 1100 was going to be a reliable ride and sadly sold the '77 Wing.
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