moose vs 82 GL 1100

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moose vs 82 GL 1100

Post by Zappawing »

long story.....won't bore the readers....we both walked away but blew a front tire (blown not a slow leak at 60 mph) first time in 55 years of riding I have been down......hard but not hospitalized

happened on BC/Montana border Canadian side. Pretty sure it was an American Moose however because that was the direction he headed in after my near coronary and I'm pretty certain he has a moose smirk on his lips at the time.

I am looking for chrome "ears" for the right side ...also possibly known as a headlight bracket.....also need a chrome headlight trim ring that secures the lens onto the headlight pot

any assistance appreciated....either used or new parts

thanks in kind


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Re: moose vs 82 GL 1100

Post by landisr »

Congrats on coming through 'ok' and that it sounds like minor injuries for the bike.

Ron in AZ
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Re: moose vs 82 GL 1100

Post by ncdave »

glad you're ok.

I suspect it's a canadian moose though. Likely he figured crossing the border would save him from prosecution. :)
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