Goldwing Trike

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Goldwing Trike

Post by Harp »

My cousin recently purchased a 2012 GW Trike. It’s beautiful! Same color as my wing and has same options as mine, except I’m on two wheels. She had me take it for a quick run. I was very surprised. It didn’t really handle well at all. A lot of shaking in the front at 25 mph and more when you hit 65mph. I found it a little rough handling as well. I really had to push to keep it towards the center of the lane. The trike pulled hard to the right. I get that the road is slanted in that direction, but I felt like I was going to go over as I added speed. After I got off the trike, it was as though I had an arm & shoulder work out.
Trikers, please help me here. Is this what she should expect? When I had wobble issues with my 85 Wing, new tires solved the problem. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Goldwing Trike

Post by Rambozo »

Does it have stock rake or is it fitted with an EZ Steer triple tree?
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Re: Goldwing Trike

Post by Ghostman »

Depending on the brand of trike theres different rear tire pressures for different brands. My Lehman Monarch II runs 20 psi in the rear tires. You might check her front tire pressure. If its an MPA,or BT45 or Avon trike tire it should be about 40 psi. Besides some trikes have air bags on the rear suspension and some having to manually set the shock or shocks. Trikes will naturally pull due to road angle. If youre not used to driving a trike its a different kind of animal. What brand and model of trike did she purchase?
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Re: Goldwing Trike

Post by landisr »

IMHO that 'behavior' is not normal and obviously affects safety. Yes, trikes are different by nature but this needs appraisal and correction by an experienced trike technician. Hopefully it is just a setup problem.

Ron in AZ

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