Seat bolts

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Seat bolts

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In the name of all that is Holy what in the world was Honda thinking. I stripped two of them today but saved the threads with a tap.

If I owned Honda I would give the engineers four goals for the 2023 model.
1. Lockable EASY quick detach seat. A child must be able to take on and off in less than 60 seconds.
2. Seat height lower by 6 inches.
3. Air filter will be a replaceable cartridge accessible from outside the bike and replaceable in less than 60 seconds.
4. Improve MPG to at least 40.
5. Remove the rev limiter
6. Every feature should be accessible while driving. No nanny telling me when I can turn on the map or adjust the headlight.

#2 and #4 will remove the only advantages HD has over the Goldwing
#1 and #3 are just plain common sense
#5 and #6 is because USA!

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