K2 camera issues

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K2 camera issues

Post by Greenwinger »

Hi all, installed a K2 camera system a couple of years ago. Have always had some issues with 100% functionality, couldn't view some of the video clips on my phone over Wi-Fi, insert the SD card into my computer and there it all is. Unit refused to change from 5min intervals to 10min and the GPS didn't always display on the clips among other minor glitches. So Monday I decided to push the "Reset" button and see if some of the problems could be fixed. Well, I now own a K2 camera system BRICK. Nothing works, green video light comes on stays on and that's all. Emailed innovv and got a quick response suggesting using a sperate USB power source or put the rear camera lead into the front camera slot. Tried both, nothing changed. Emailed my lack of results to customer service to receive in a very timely manner again an email stating "it needs to be seen by a technician", send the whole thing back to China including the cameras. As the pic shows I spent a lot of time installing the front camera. It's in the front vent under the headlight (incase you can't see it)and I don't look forward to removing it. Then they will see if they can fix it. Because the unit is no longer in production they can't guarantee it could be fixed. I understand it's not under warranty anymore but since when does pushing the "Reset" button destroy the product?

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I have to say that their customer service was very impressive, unfortunately their camera, not do much.

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Re: K2 camera issues

Post by C-dub »

I feel your pain and am sorry I don't have any answers for you.

I've had different issues recently that I haven't dug into yet. After returning from a recent trip I downloaded the video from 6 different cards and found that there were some periods that it just didn't record the video. I already discovered, on the morning we left, that the settings were not saved and had reverted to the factory settings. This meant that each time I started the bike I had to access the unit from the app on my phone and change to 10min, 60Hz, turn off the sound, and MPH. All that was in vain since I discovered it still recorded everything in 1min segments and in kph. I suppose it also remained in 50Hz, so maybe that was an issue and possibly why some video was not recorded. IDK It also kept recording sound. Ugh!

I will try and get into my issues soon, but since I'm waiting on tires and won't be doing any riding until those get changed I'm in no hurry at this time.
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Re: K2 camera issues

Post by MikeB »

I do not have a K2. I have a MotoProCam but I have had issues with it too. The issues I had which was lost videos and truncated videos for no reason and periods of not recording anything at all were all solved by replacing the 5 volt power module with an aftermarket 5 volt power module.
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