Cyclemax New Website

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Cyclemax New Website

Post by Rambozo »

A new site is in place, but it looks like they lost all the order history and accounts in the process. VIP pricing seems to be gone, too. A lot of errors in the site. I hope they get it all sorted out. One big difference is that now things show out of stock, where in the old system, items not in stock were removed until replenished.

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Re: Cyclemax New Website

Post by WingAdmin »

As someone who does eCommerce web sites for a living (but on MUCH larger sites than the Cyclemax site - I work on sites with 100,000+ items and millions of dollars of revenue), I can say that the transition to the new site is a DISASTER.

The MOST important asset you have as an ecommerce vendor is your search engine links. There are literally thousands of search engine deeplinks to individual products, not to mention thousands and thousands more links on various web forums that point to individual product pages on the OLD Cyclemax site. This massive index of deeplinks on all the various search engines has been built slowly over the last decade or more.

So when you are going to move to a new web platform as Cyclemax has just done, it is of CRUCIAL importance that you FIRST set up permanent redirects from EACH of the old product page addresses to the equivalent product pages on the new site. That way, a) when the search engines re-index the site, they update their stored addresses for the page and point to the new page, and b) links on forums etc. that will never be updated, still get the user where they are supposed to be.

Cyclemax has NOT done this. Instead, all that huge wealth of tens of thousands of links in search engines and web forums worldwide now point to pages that no longer exist, and result in a 404 error.

When search engines see this, they will simply DELETE the page from their index. The new pages won't get fully indexed for YEARS to come.

And it's too late to fix it now: the damage is already done.

I suspect they did this new web site on their own without the guidance of a professional who would not have allowed this to happen.

What a shame. I hope they maintain enough traffic to the site to stay in business.
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Re: Cyclemax New Website

Post by Straydogg »

I didn't know they changed the website. I just checked it out and I like it much better than the old one. It's easier to find what I'm looking for. I understand the problems you mentioned but for my use, I think it will be better.
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Re: Cyclemax New Website

Post by johntwarren »

if cyclemax is on the blink who is the next vendor to find parts ,i have a 1983 aspencade to get fixed before spring to get back on the road . any info would help out, thanks.
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Re: Cyclemax New Website

Post by Ghostman »

I was a customer with them since 07. When the new owner tried to find me in the system I didnt exist. He reentered me and Im back in. But I ordered some oem parts and some aftermarket parts which he said were in stock. I received the aftermarket parts I purchased from Cyclemax but never got the OEM parts,or a bill or explanation what happened to my order.

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