Please forgive me

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Please forgive me

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So about three months ago I contracted a serious, life-threatening illness called “Harley Fever.” This illness primarily affected my sense of judgment and before I knew it, I traded my beloved 2015 Goldwing for a 2019 Harley Heritage Softail Classic.

After 90 torturous days of nothing but headaches and constant regret, the fever broke and my vision became clear. I looked around and saw the carnage that this illness had caused. There were expensive accessories littering my garage, apparently purchased in an attempt to make the Harley comfortable to ride for more than 30 miles. My closet was full of black T-shirts adorned with skulls and flames…and I’m not talking about my heavy metal concert T-shirts! No, these were Harley specific and according to my wife, a single Harley T-shirt cost almost twice as much as one of my beloved Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden T-shirts. Imagine my embarrassment when I saw that I even had purchased a Harley-Davidson coffee mug! (My wife said it leaked everywhere when I drank from it, but due to my illness I never even noticed).

As my mind healed, I sought forgiveness from those I had embarrassed. I soon realized what must be done to complete my journey of healing and redemption. I gathered what little money I had left, that hadn’t been spent on Harley T-shirts and assorted paraphernalia and headed directly to my nearest Honda dealer.

They say you meet the nicest people on a Honda, and they are right. Much like the parable of the Prodigal Son, they welcomed me back with open arms and forgiving hearts. I have once again joined the tribe of Comfort, Performance, and Reliability. I am the proud owner of a new Goldwing.

To those I have harmed or offended, I humbly offer an apology and a promise of “NEVER AGAIN!”

(Intentionally) belated April Fool's Day wishes. Time to go for a ride.

2015 Goldwing, basic black

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Re: Please forgive me

Post by jjsinaz »

I too suffered this illness. Got rid of my beloved Suzuki VL1500 for a 2011 Harley Ultra Limited. Suffice it to say I had miscellaneous problems, one of which resulted in a VERY expensive tow home. After about a year I said enough and bought the GL1500 I have now. Finally sold the Harley a few weeks ago and am glad to be rid of it. I also share the "Never Again" sentiment as far as Harleys are concerned. Love the GL1500!.
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