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New member here with 1st post

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Yes I am a new member and an new owner of a 2003 G1800, red, 28K miles. I am a hardened 1985 vf1100s sabre owner and restored it. very experienced if any body has questions please feel free to ask.

Anyway, my 1st questions are.
1) Best options for replacement marine speakers. Read about a few speakers, but not clear if there are any that will fit with out modifications. What experiences and recommendations could help me decide which one to purchase and install. Any thing I should know about the procedure?
2) Want to get a 12V DC splitter for aux power under left and right glove box, and in trunk. I saw a few that are plug and play. Sounds real nice to a guy that has to make own cables/connections for my VF1100s that nothing is available for.
3) PO took real good care of it. Went over everything before sale. Passed with flying colors, all maintenance up to date. Need secondary beake master cyl repiard by dealer. all other items closed per dealer. Anything I should know in general to be aware of?

Thanks and I like this site, learning alot.


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