First goldwing purchase advice

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First goldwing purchase advice

Post by NotGabe »

Sorry for errors in grammar or formatting as it is quite late as I write this, and it is my first post on a forum. My plight is stated in the title, I wish to own a gold wind and am specifically looking at older and wings on the cheap end, I believe the gl1500 to be my best choice but am looking for any opinions on the matter, I would particularly like to ask about two examples I have had my eye on for a few weeks now. One is a 96 gl1500 Interstate with 155k miles for $1600 with great paint, the other is a 94 aspencade for 1600 $and has many accessories added, particularly the ones I'm most interested in is the rear luggage rack and the passenger arm rests, unfortunately this one idles but stall upon throttle which I believe to be a dirty carburetor. It would need to be towed home about 60 miles. I would like people's opinions on the two bikes which I have attached pictures of the marketplace page. As well as opinions on if I am being unrealistic with my price expectation on these bikes. To me at only 5'9" 30"inseam I feel the reverse would be invaluable as i find my cb750 hard enough to reverse by waddling.

96 interstate

94 aspencade

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Re: First goldwing purchase advice

Post by Rambozo »

Be aware that the Interstate 1500 models are missing a lot of features like reverse, cruise control, etc.
I would avoid them, myself.
Depending on what you want to do, might make you look toward a particular model.
Do some reading here about things to look for and things you will have to do with new to you bikes.
Not many shops will work on older bikes, so DIY is the order of the day.
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Re: First goldwing purchase advice

Post by GD2 »

Sometimes the "cheap" bikes end up being expensive, but I am with you on hunting for a bargain.

As long as you can handle doing the work yourself, you may find a good deal.

I found a "bargain" - under $2000 and it did run, but only on choke, so I knew it needed carb work. But it also needed timing belts since I couldn't verify if they had been changed, plus other work, so the bargain bike ended up needing about $700 in parts and work. And so it is still a bargain as far as I am concerned, but closer to $3000 now. But I KNOW the work is good and I now know a lot more about the bike.

I would suggest saving up cash while PATIENTLY looking for the bike. There is no shortage of Gold Wings. I waited a good while, but found one within about 45 minutes of my house. They are everywhere.
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Andy Cote
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Re: First goldwing purchase advice

Post by Andy Cote »

The GL1500 is a great bike but at their current price point, I would skip the Interstate. There are a number of maintenance actions that you will need to ensure reliability and you should be a capable mechanic. It is an antique after all. Check how the How-To Article link above.
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Re: First goldwing purchase advice

Post by jimm4 »

i agree there are a lot of them out there. once you get it running good they last forever. a little seat work can lower it a pinch i done a 1800 so my wife could ride it [good staple gun and short staples ] trim down foam and put cover on she loves it she is 5'6" uses tall boots enjoy whatever you buy!!
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Re: First goldwing purchase advice

Post by Grab2366 »

Cheaper isn't always better. If the bikes have been sitting a long time, years, there could be lots of internal engine problems to come.
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Re: First goldwing purchase advice

Post by bellboy40 »

I agree with the others that you should avoid the Interstate model and get the Aspencade or SE. Both of them have the reverse, cruise, lighted controls and a few more features that the Interstate does not have. The picture of the Aspencade shows it to have a bad LCD panel in the instrument cluster. It has the half moon dark spot coming in from the edge. That screen will need to be replaced. If you keep looking around, you will find a nice well cared for machine that will serve you well.
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Re: First goldwing purchase advice

Post by John K »

Jonnypar just
Posted a 1500 for sale in your area
Maybe what u r looking for
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Re: First goldwing purchase advice

Post by Trapper »

As for 1500s. , I have a 1989 1500 and it has reverse. I owned a 1983 1100 befire that. It did NOT gave reverse. I was not getting another goldwing without reverse. I went from a CB750 to that 1100. I only have a 29 inch leg. ( pant size) Just got be sure when you put your foot down, it's mot in a pot hole or un level ground. At least a wing won't fall flat if dropped at a stop! Learn the proper way to stand one up without hurting your back. As long as the mainananceis kept up on the wings, they running for ever.

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