When is it enough

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When is it enough

Post by Ghostwalker »

When is it enough in regards to electronic devices on your bike.
I currently have a Garmin and Samsung phone.
The Garmin can monitor TMPS as well as spotify or other music etc
The Phone is for calls and backup map.

Ive been looking at Carpuride W702 Wireless Portable Dual Bluetooth Waterproof IP67 Motorcycle Stereo
but there are a number of other systems. However this system provides
Supports Wireless Connections: Apple Carplay&Android Auto / TF Card Multimedia Player / Bluetooth Transmitter

Screen: 7-inch HD IPS capacitive Screen

Multimedia Playback: TF card input port

Built-in: 5G WiFi + Bluetooth transmitter

Audio output: Bluetooth transmitter

Waterproof grade: IP67

So everything that I have now and a little more.
Is there any point in having another system that does the same thing?

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Andy Cote
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Re: When is it enough

Post by Andy Cote »

Welcome to the forum.

The answer is depending on what you need or want. Some like to take advantage of the most current technology with GPS, FLIR, multiple communications, collision avoidance, dashcams, etc. Others like the naked (regarding the bike - not the rider) approach and look forward to getting lost and finding their way back.

I'll just leave you with these pics.

2015 Goldwing, basic black

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Re: When is it enough

Post by Sassy »

I like the bike simple and the view interesting.

Enjoying the Darkside
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Re: When is it enough

Post by Rednaxs60 »

We are an electronic society and want the same on our motorcycles as in our cars. My '85 GW Limited Edition fuel injected model has lots of bells and whistles from the factory, most I don't use or know how to use. Only extra is the GPS (for in city use and showing the road ahead, turns and such) and some connections for charging cell phone and heated hand grips (a definite need).

Dash cam footage is almost a necessity, even police ask for this from anyone who might be of help with their investigation(s). I don't need to have the phone connected to my helmet, if it's important that person will call back. Can't go to the grocery store without being on the phone to home. How did we ever survive this long.

Having a FLIR if doing a lot of night riding is probably quite nice and depending on where you live/ride, maybe a necessity. Shows a lot of critters you would otherwise not see. Reminds me of transiting from Mexico to Canada on a 65 foot boat without a navigation system. Doesn't seem to be very busy on the water. Next time I did the same trip with a navigation system, there are a lot of boats out there and not far away.

As Sassy mentions, the naked look. What's under the plastics is important, but doesn't take away from the motorcycle.

Electronics for safety are outside of the want category. A Garmin inReach or similar is a good to have when travelling or even in your normal riding area. There are a lot of cell phone dead areas on Vancouver Island, not all areas support cell phones.

The pics of the loaded to the "nines" GWs will need a separate wiring harness and if not used, who knows what will happen to the OEM wiring system that is designed to the minimum safety requirements for what is installed at the factory. A good load analysis is in order as well.

Technology is great and I like new toys as well, but maybe it's time to slow down and smell the coffee.

Just a few thoughts.

Ride safe, it's a jungle out there.
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Re: When is it enough

Post by C-dub »

I am enjoying the electronics and stuff in my 2022 Outback that I've had for about 18 months now. Whenever I take my MIL somewhere she sits over in her seat and makes beeping sounds mocking me using the touchscreen. All the stuff is overwhelming for her.

On my Wing, I had my phone on a mount for a year or two, but have put it back in my jacket pocket over a year ago and like that better. I check the weather before our trip and again each morning during the trip. Otherwise, as far as the weather goes, I just look up ahead. If it looks like rain and I don't have my rain gear on we stop and I put it on. I'm happy with the nav that came with my bike since it keeps me from taping a piece of paper to my tank. I hardly even listen to music or the radio when on the highway. Sometimes I will, but only in my headset because my wife prefers the "quite" while riding.

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