Just one of those weeks... :-P

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Just one of those weeks... :-P

Post by GD2 »

After installing carbs (NOT for the first time) and a new fuel pump and FINALLY getting it to run without dumping fuel out the overflow lines, and then dealing with it not starting due to a dirty Reverse switch, I think I am in the clear.... but no.

It seems there is a pinhole leak in pretty much EVERY section of (28yo) fuel hose from the tank to the carb. And I am definitely NOT paying Honda $16-20 for a shot piece of hose with a bend. :x

So I get them all replaced with new fuel line and HEY, IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!! WOO HOO!!

So I button up the panels and run it for a bit and still no leaks. Then it sits overnight and I come out to check it again, and... hmm... weird... smells like gas. Oh well, I did dump gas all over the floor. But it sure is a strong gas odor.

Well I'll be a sunuvabeotch. A very small gas puddle under the bike. :cry:

A small leak in the one hose that didnt get replaced. Right at the first connection to the filter.

Local parts store wants $3.40 a foot for fuel line.... um no. I order 10' each of 5/16 and 3/8 off Crapazon (so I will have fuel line for anything I need) and it should be here tomorrow, so I will get to work on it at least one more time.

I sure hope it works. I just can't deal with smelling gas one more time. And I truly love this OldWing, but I really prefer to be on it rather than under it.

Anyway, just a rant. I think I feel better for the moment! :D

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Re: Just one of those weeks... :-P

Post by Rambozo »

Once it hits that age, plan on replacing everything made of rubber.
Be sure to include the rear wheel and alternator dampers, and all the grommets that hold the body panels on.
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