Install a kick stand/kill switch on your 82 goldwing 1100

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Install a kick stand/kill switch on your 82 goldwing 1100

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I’ve been riding motorcycles for 45 years and it’s only in the past 4 or 5 years that for some reason (aging aside) I find I am more frequently riding away with the kickstand left down.

Most of the occurrences would be quickly rectified leaving a parking lot with a slight jolt reminding me (at low speed) of my inattentiveness. But, twice now I’ve discovered at the end of a 1hr ride driving at 110km/hr that the stand was down the whole time. No matter how infrequent my forgetting the stand, the chances of my surviving an incident at that speed would most likely only be slim at best!

I considered using the warning lamp styles similar to those posted on this site, but I know my complacency would occasionally over look that too. I frequently ride with a group of riders and wanted the ability to start the engine while it is resting on the stand but would cut the engine when placed in gear if the stand was left down.

So, I’ve installed a safety switch on my kickstand. I didn’t intend to post this, because the topic is very well covered in many other posts, but I have since decided to offer it as an option for anyone who may be going to have their cycles apart (for re-painting etc.) in which all of the harness connectors are readily available. Of course it can be installed by without a full tear down as well, as I did here.

For its operation I used a 5 pin NC (Normally Closed) relay (I scavenged it from the junk yard. Very common in GM vehicles). The switch I used on my stand is a park brake warning switch (also from a GM, used it because I had it). You can use any momentary switch of your choice, sealed proximity switches offer the best weather protected option.

To operate, I tapped into the green wire for the neutral lamp indicator switch. (It is in a red connector under the faux tank) This provides the working voltage to the relay control circuit, through the switch installed on the stand and senses if a gear is selected while the stand is down.

For the switch side of the relay I cut the black with white trace wire from the kill switch (engine stop sw) spliced in wires and connected them to terminals 30 & 87a, (Do not use terminal 87, I would suggest trimming it off) the difference in the terminals is when the relay is not powered up there is continuity between terminals 30 & 87a, (NC) which is what you need.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures But I hope what I have will help you, if you decide to go with this type of refit.

Cheers and safe riding.

Here is a schematic (full version available in the manual section of this forum), I removed all of the unnecessary artwork to easily view the circuits I used & have drawn in the; relay, circuits, switches and connections to control the engine shut down.

This is the switch I used on the stand. It's a simple park brake lamp switch, but any type of limit or proximity switch could be used.

I removed the faux tank cover to access the connector shown. I also removed the bracket holding the flasher & modules for easier access. I then connected a wire to the (green wire) neutral lamp circuit and led it back to the battery area along with the two wires that would connect to the kill switch.

The kill switch black/white circuit was cut in the harness at the low part of the handlebars, I spliced the wires and connected them to pin 30 & 87a of the relay. (the conduit with the black & white wire are the wires I'm adding)

The relay, I covered pin 87 with shrink tube to avoid any accidental connection, but trimming it off would work too. The only circuit left to connect here is from the switch on the kick stand.

I used the holder next to the battery to secure the relay. There was ample space and made a good location for bringing all the wires together.

The hand drawn schematic made to plan my install. I did shoot a video of the completed project but videos cannot be uploaded here.

I hope this may be of some help to you if trying to decide on placing a warning or kill switch on your kick stand.

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Re: Install a kick stand/kill switch on your 82 goldwing 1100

Post by Rednaxs60 »

I've taken off with the side stand down on several occasions as well, down right embarrassing. Will be looking at your mod for next iteration of work. Great job.

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