Add light to check coolant level - GL1100

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Add light to check coolant level - GL1100

Post by nlaspencade » Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:43 am

I recently had to replace my coolant cap and while I had the false tank off I decided to put a bulb at the bottom of the coolant tank so seeing the level in it would be much easier (especially at night). I try to remember to check the coolant level, at least on every second or third run, and when I do think of it, its usually while I am fueling up at the pumps. Maybe you don’t experience this but I find it difficult to see the level in the tank.

I used a piece of aluminum 1” wide by approximately 4” long (I didn’t measure). Drilled a hole, cut & filed notches to hold a marker lamp socket and bulb, cut an shaped a piece of tubing to fit over the bulb with a notch in it to direct the light up into the tank. The bracket was held in place by the retaining bolt holding the tank to the frame with the bulb positioned under the tank.

A momentary push button switch was attached to ignition power (with a fuse in the circuit) and placed near the fuel filler cap. (I didn’t drill any holes for the switch; it’s just sitting there to the side for easy access).

(ironically the flash illuminates the area enough to see the coolant level, it's not that easy without the added light)

This works, But, I used a #194 standard peanut bulb, if I were to do it again I would use a much brighter bulb. In fact, I would use a headlamp bulb with a piece hose or shrink tube to direct the light through the tank. My initial concern was heat but now that I think it through the bulb is only on for 1 – 2 seconds and wouldn’t get much of a chance to heat up.

This is an easy install (especially if you have to remove the false tank for any reason) if you find checking your coolant level as tricky as I did.

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