Harley Mufflers on the Cheap

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Re: Harley Mufflers on the Cheap

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Most of the Harley mufflers have a baffle on one side and use a cross over. I have two sets and off two different Harleys and one of each set has a baffle. The sportster mufflers are the same. And I am working some rejetting now with the open glass packs I am using. Just beware most Harley dressers have one side baffle and running a true dual will have back pressure on one side. You can feel the baffle on the inlet side of the muffler.

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Re: Harley Mufflers on the Cheap

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I have a question. Why did you cut off the angled part of the headers? Seems to me you could just slip the new pipes on the headers then the mufflers slip on the pipes, providing of course that you get the pipes bent at the correct angle and the pipe ends sized snug to the headers and mufflers. The joints, just use HD clamps...

The reason I ask is I have what looks like the same mufflers as what you used and will be starting this conversion within the next two weeks or so, as soon as I get the EC Stator harness and install it.

If I can do this without welding, the better! I have a HF basic mig setup, no gas and wire has flux in it. Problem is, the POS makes a dirty mess every time I use it. I am definitely no pro welder, but I can run a decent bead with a true mig with gas setup. I just can't seem to do it with my gas less wire feeder. I wind up grinding everything. Lol!

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