Cleaning Your compressor’s increase and decrease buttons

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Cleaning Your compressor’s increase and decrease buttons

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Cleaning Your compressor’s increase and decrease buttons
This assumes that you know how to remove the right flaring storage compartment and switch plates.
Work on one button at a time this is to avoid mixing up which one is which.

1. Remove the buttons by removing the place and unplugging the connections. One is red other is two line in connectors. (GO INSIDE TO DO THIS) (SMALL PARTS WARNING)

2. With a set of pliers carefully pop off the buttons make sure that the jaws are open wide to keep for breaking the clips.

3. Carefully unscrew the back plate of the button. Make sure to keep even pressure on it the whole time of the spring will fly away.

4. Carefully pull out the wired plate while your thumb covers the switch case.

5. Place the case and what’s inside aside for now.

6. Look at the switch plate, and look at how corroded it is. This will tell you what is the best way to clean it. There are three ways to clean them. (a. Contact cleaner. B. Eraser from a pencil. C. fine sanding block. )

I used a fine sanding block to clean the contacts. Then polished with eraser.

7. Now take the switch case and carefully pull out the parts you should have a (1. small spring, 1. large spring, 1. small copper plate and the black button.

8. Take the slam copper plate and polish it till it shines.

9. Now that its all clean we will reassemble it. First take the wire plate and insert it into the case plates down.

10. Assemble the button slider ( small spring in the slider plate on top.

Carefully slide the unit in place, pressing the copper plate down with something small and flat, then placing the large spring into the hole

11. Replace the backing plate by inserting it C side down ( the C is the guide for the spring) Place the plate into the wires at the allotted slots. Screw plate down.

12. Replace the buttons by pushing them on till they click.

13. Test the switch with a multimeter. You should have a working switch now. Repeat with other switch.

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